Time Consumption for Bloggers & Reporters:

Bloggers and reporters undergo pressure to create fresh content for their target audiences. To understand the life of a blogger and reporter, understand that they set deadlines to ensure that their work is ready to upload after…

  1. Creating a noteworthy headline–>As easy as it looks, headlines are time-consuming because you have to carefully select terms that will flow with your story.  Be careful what you read in the article and what you see as a headline because they will not be on par with each other. In other words, the headline will turn into a “click-bait” story-line with a false sense of narrative and hope for specific audience members.
  2.  Undergoing stressful & dreary deadlines–> In order to meet the criteria for publishing their work, they must work under heavy pressure by editing three to four drafts before the content is published globally.
  3.  Selecting Useful Terminology–> Lastly, they will select vocabulary words to inform their readers what they see is what they get. They will resort to using Webster’s dictionary or an AP style book in a way to express their stories.
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Endless Snow in January:

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Jotting Down Ideas for New Writing Material:

Four ideas have turned the light bulb on after jotting down new and non-repetitive subjects but it can be quite difficult to approach without coming across as a blogger who’s lost their ability to think creatively. One day ago, I typed up 10 questions for a certain celebrity to answer because I am interested in their work portraying certain characters and why they chose to audition for those particular roles.

While there is one particular subject I am fascinated by, here are some to catch a reader’s attention:

  1. Blog about my experiences working as a contributing writer/photographer under the lifestyles and news stories sections for my school newspaper. Compare and contrast the difference between those sections. And explain what I have gained from them.
  2. Interview celebrity about their previous work in the film industry.
  3. Write from a journalism perspective about the film “The Help” and how it inspired many others to write their own perspectives about movements that leaned towards change for the great of our beautiful nation.
  4. Interviewing my grandmothers growing up in the rural south during and after the Great Depression, World War II, Korean and Vietnam War eras.
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Bloggers vs Reporters:

Reporters and bloggers use social media to their advantages/ disadvantages but the main difference between these two are:

  1. Bloggers are citizen journalists meaning they have no background experience working in the media field.
  2. Reporters report breaking news and current events while bloggers focus on the trendy industries (clothing, hairstyles, makeup accessories).
  3. Bloggers blog based upon their experiences while reporters report what others have witnessed at certain events. Reporters are to leave out their biased opinion unless writing an opinion piece categorized under a different section within the media news outlet they work at.
  4. Lastly, reporters gather facts and write the stories using AP writing style while bloggers explain their stories through emotions (similar to creative writing).
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Opry Mills Hotel on Christmas Day:

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Main Tools to Recognize as a Blogger:

The main tools you should recognize as a blogger are:

  1. Creating your website and theme: Research and select the most popular blogging site, create an account and select your theme for the purpose of your work.
  2. Enhance writing & photography portfolio: Blogging is an extracurricular activity to expand upon your writing and photography skills. Followers will be gained after posting within one month after another. This can be added onto your resume where journalism managers will take a peek at your work and determine how much experience you have gained from blogging in its entirety. And how prepared you are when writing for a news media outlet.
  3.  Social media connection with followers on a professional/personal level: Communicating with your followers play an important role because you are sending out messages to those who are on a similar journey with you, personally and professionally.
  4. You are the editor-in-chief/ deadline creator: As deadlines are important to the world of social media, you are your own adviser at large when it boils down to the content you create for your followers to read. Have the basic grammar edited and cite one’s material to support facts (not tweets). Also recognize that you are a citizen journalist whose embarking on an adventure to unravel the mystery of what writing is all about and gain experience under your belt before mailing your resume to an editor at a publishing company.
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Iceman Enjoys 70 Degree Fall Weather:


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