Long Hunter State Park: Before and After Photoshop

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Actor Scott Wilson Dead:

rip scott wilson

Actor Scott Wilson, known for his roles in “In Cold Blood” and “The Walking Dead” has died at the age of 76. He is survived by his wife of 41 years, Heavenly Wilson.

Last year at a convention on my 24th birthday, I met Mr. Wilson at the Nashville Music City Hall where the Walking Dead cast and crew signed autographs and snapped photographs.

As nervous as it was to meet him, he was very humble and we talked for a minute about his film “In Cold Blood.” After he kindly signed the magazine which had him and Robert Blake on the cover of Life Magazine,  he asked “Where’s my hug?”

Overall, he was a phenomenal actor who enjoyed communicating with fans no matter where he went and will be missed dearly.

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First Experience Driving on Tate Lane:

It was after a visit to the cemetery where I drove by to see if there were any paranormal activities ongoing late at night. A shadow seemed to appear for one second and vanished quickly.

I left immediately and drove to Tate Lane, the most infamous narrow road in Mount Juliet where multiple car fatalities occur every year. And a quiet wooded area with “private property” listed on the gates. When I first drove on Tate Lane, the road seemed quite long and I kept asking myself “When will the road end?” A description about the road is as good as it gets: an enchanted forest.

It gave me the chills as any area would with a haunted historical significance to it. Although it was not as scary as the visit to the Bell Witch cave, it’s not a good idea to drive down that road no matter the time of day.

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My First Visit to the Bell Witch Cave:


It has been five years since I went to the Bell Witch Cave located in Adams, Tennessee.

Throughout the years, legend has it that a witch named Kate haunted the Bell family due to land issues to which she held a major grudge against John Bell, Sr until he died from poisoning.

My experience inside the cave gave me chills, especially when I stood near an empty grave. I looked above to see if there were any shadows surrounding that particular spot but nothing appeared out of the ordinary. Suddenly, as my mom and grandfather were standing a few inches away from me calling my name, I wailed my arms and I called them over. They did not hear nor see me until I walked up to them. I did not understand why they didn’t hear me even though I have a loud voice. Now it makes me wonder if there was a spirit standing next to me and blocked out the sound of my voice to the point where no one could hear me shout.

Overall, my experience at the cave was great but something I shall never forget.

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Daisy May in Her Comfy Bed:

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How To Create Your Own Facebook Photography Page:

  1. Provide Details
  • Name your photography page on social media. The shorter the name of your page is, the better reviews you will have.
  • Write about your passion for photography and your goals for the photography page.
  • List your subjects: For example, are you interested in wedding photography or animal photography? Maybe a mixture of both? If so, state your interests on there.
  • List your achievements on the page as an accomplished photographer.

2. Use Notes List

  • Plan your events in order
  • Create deadlines through “Publishing Tools” under “Scheduled posts.”
  • Test your first post/album and invite your family and friends to view.
  • It takes time to build an audience. Invite your closest friends and family to share to kick-start your hobby. Ask them for suggestions.

3. Posts Videos About Your Photography Work

  • Talk about your work, offer advice to future photographers and be humble about your hobby/profession.
  • Explain to your audience about purchasing Adobe Photoshop Element. It is cheaper than the entire Adobe Photoshop Product and it helps you improve with your photography work significantly through lighting, coloring, adding or removing unnecessary noise from the background.
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Elle Wood’s Motivation to Succeed & You Can Too!

Legally Blonde is a fictional yet inspirational film where you can heed advice and apply it towards your life when you feel down about yourself.

Here are some tips you can learn from Elle Woods:

  1. It all starts off with heavy criticism. When someone doubts your abilities to become smarter, don’t change just to prove them wrong. Do it for yourself and to boost that confidence you lost some time ago. Gain the strength back and thank those who criticize you for which it helps you advance further into your career.
  2. Criticism can either make or break your mindset. With a strong mindset,  aim for your goal and reach for the stars.
  3. Knowledge is valued not necessarily based upon educational degrees but with a touch of common sense too. Don’t base everything on emotions. Focus on your subjects at hand with passion, research and information that are and will be beneficial for you and others.
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