“Kill the Messenger” Review:

From phone conversations to classified documents leaked by Federal Prosecutor Russell Dodson and given to Coral Baca, Gary Webb received information pertaining to drug smugglers, their involvement with the CIA and the effect of cocaine usage on American citizens.

Determined to find out who were the CIA informants purchasing narcotics and weapons, Webb met with attorney Alan Fenster and discussed with him that Dodson briefly stated in one of the court transcripts that Danilo Blandon was a drug trafficker who raised money through selling cocaine to support the Contra Rebels in Nicaragua.

While Webb’s news stories hit every news station nationwide, competitive journalists from different companies found faults within his research. They questioned where, why and how would he receive such confidential information and how far is too far with publishing classified information. A few reporters flew down to Nicaragua, interrogating Norwin Meneses and others only to discredit his sources which were not found credible to anyone, including his editor.

Unfortunately, Webb’s career in journalism ended and has been deceased since December 2004. The film pointed out many obstacles that block an investigative reporter’s work such as ethics, releasing sources and revealing too many details where you risk putting you and your family’s lives in danger.

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Why Blog Instead of Using Other Social Media Sites?

We all have reasons as to why we chose blogging in today’s 24/7 social media world, but let’s take a closer look as to why blogging is a better alternative compared to other social media platforms:

  1. You want to develop a different writing style to which you are not adapted to, yet. For example, an AP Journalist writer switching to creative writing. Journalists have to answer the what, who, why, how and where questions from paragraph to paragraph while creative writers are able to tell the story visually and entail many details.
  2. To voice your opinion on subjects you are passionate about through research and experience no matter what political spectrum you swing towards. Other social media platforms allow you to voice your opinion for one thing only: if you agree with their political leaning.
  3. Blogs provide job opportunities and with the ability to communicate with bloggers nationwide while other social media platforms are intended for interaction purposes with friends and family.
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Getting Your Ducks in a Row:


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Daisy’s New Facial Expression:

daisy may 2018

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Finished Writing for College Newspaper:

I have completed this year working for MTSU Sidelines as a photographer and contributing writer on Monday, May 7th. My final story included information about a professor and her experience as a forensic anthropologist.

From January 2016 to October 2017, I worked as a contributing writer and photographer for the Lifestyles area covering events ranging from musical plays to movie reviews and two cultural events.

From January to May 2018, I covered the news about the former Nashville Mayor admitting her affair on National Television as well as a reflection on Martin Luther King, Jr’s life as a Civil Rights Activist.

I took on many projects for the college newspaper because it challenged me to think from a different perspective, balance a story with no holes in my research and to complete my first drafts before the deadlines approached.

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King of the Jungle Demanding Affection:

king of jungleiceman

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My Top 5 Favorite Characters Barry Pepper Portrayed:

Barry Pepper is known for his characters on “The Green Mile” and “The Kennedys,” a TV miniseries. With certain roles that he portrays, his characters are relatively small and overshadowed.

Here are my favorite top 5 characters to which he portrayed, a description of his characters and to conclude why these particular characters are overlooked:

  1. Saving Private Ryan (1998)–> Pvt. Jackson was a country boy from Tennessee who sacrificed his life, serving as an honorable man to God and his country fellowmen.
  2. The Green Mile (1999)–>Dean Stanton was a country boy working as a prison guard to provide food and shelter for his family. As dedicated as he was, he was soft-spoken and compassionate towards John Coffey. It was not said in the film what happened to Dean, but the book states otherwise that he died very young.
  3. 61* (2001)–>Roger Maris was a well-known baseball player who played right field for the New York Yankees, defeating Babe Ruth’s home-run record in one season. He was a family oriented man and befriended Mickey Mantle although the press painted Maris as someone who was not a true ” NY Yankee” player.
  4. Ripley Under Ground (2005)–>Tom Ripley was a manipulator, compulsive liar, antagonist who’s out for fortune and fame after the death of his artist friend, Derwatt.
  5. When Love is Not Enough (2010)–> Bill Wilson was a grieve-stricken, Wall Street stockbroker with bouts of depression and a heavy alcoholic which affected his professional and personal life. He eventually turned his life around and became a co-founder of Alcoholic’s Anonymous.

The main reasons for these being my top favorite film characters are? His characters swing from being a compassionate sidekick to becoming a main character with a no-nonsense attitude to boot. In other words, Mr. Pepper’s characters start off as a side character with small lines (protagonist) to hardcore antagonist with many lines to cite, the passion he carries with him and the stunts he performs.

For “Saving Private Ryan” and “The Green Mile,” Pepper had smaller roles but they had an impact on the entire movie, emotionally. However, his characters from the last three films signify how much effort and research he did to portray the characters flawlessly and prove to his fan members that he can be just as good as an antagonist as he was as a protagonist.

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