The Green Hills of Tennessee Beam With Joy:

February 2019

Tennessee is known for its legendary country music along with its historical significance of the Bell Witch Haunting, Andrew Jackson & Alvin C. York’s military backgrounds.

Beyond the green hills of Tennessee, there’s a legacy to leave behind no matter where we live, where we visit or where we plan to move in life.

As a native of Tennessee, I love reading historical articles pertaining to the state because I am impressed how far we have progressed as a state within the last 223 years and the nature surrounding the country-side.To put it lightly, I love the fresh smell of spring with flowers blooming and the hot summers rising up to 95 degrees to the leaves turning fiery red in the fall and the snowflakes dripping down from the sky in the winter.

It’s important to not deny the history behind the Volunteer State because we must learn from past mistakes and improve changes to which we can adapt to from older and pass it down to the younger generations. Let, live, learn and love one another.

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My Comeback from A Blogging Break: The Inspirational Aunts

Family Photo

1994: Me with Aunt Alecia, Aunt Stephanie and cousin

For the last few months, I took a break from blogging because I lost the energy to write stories.

Tonight at a family gathering, my Aunt Alecia and I discussed what I am doing career-wise currently. I told her I am working at a grocery store but I enjoy blogging. However, I lost my ability to write because journalism is one of the most competitive jobs to be hired, move up the ladder and it’s difficult to find a writing career in the Nashville area.

Aunt Alecia told me to never give up because the stories I write are intriguing and never give up something you love the most at a crucial time in life. She encouraged me to continue writing which brought me back to reality. No matter what career I will find myself in,  continue to write for passionate reasons and don’t just dream the dream. Reach for the stars.

Encouragement to one another brings me back to becoming passionate for the field of writing to which I will one day fulfill, career wise. When discouraged about finding a career to which will fit your needs and passion, the Great Lord above has something in store for us all.

Rejections happen but take it as a life lesson and learn something you have never done before. Embrace new challenges as a blogger and send in your work samples to news editors from town to town.

Aunt Alecia has inspired me to remain humble and continue to work hard. I give her and my beloved family a big thank you for believing that through the good times and bad, you can and will succeed!

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Lesson #1 from Whispers of Hope: Jesus-The New Hobby?

From the lessons I gathered while reading February 3rd’s verse on Proverbs 22: 4, it has brought valid points to my attention that I have been selfish lately. Not only being selfish towards myself but others who care about me the most.

What I have gathered from the verse is to never take those who are closest to me for granted because tomorrow is never promised. And to enhance my relationship with God because he has helped me through the good times and bad.

No matter where we are in this life, God will help you when you seek for help. Never let the Devil divide and conquer your relationship with our Heavenly Father. Ask for guidance and repent your sins on a daily basis.

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The Destruction of Social Media:

The main goal for social media’s existence is for people to connect and communicate with family and friends who live in a far-off distance.

However, many teens and adults misuse social media to rant and rave while another group of people they clash with are bashed in a negative manner. Two sides are never told on social media. People jump the bandwagon and defend the wrong individual who posted online for sympathetic and malicious purposes.

For example, a young woman had her friend record an exaggerated breakup speech between her and her boyfriend and uploaded it on YouTube for malicious intent.

Another point leading to the destruction of social media begins when individuals seek fame for reassurance and lash out in a destructive manner to which will hurt no one but themselves inside and out. Not only will they break down and lose everyone who cared about them, but their accounts will be determined by employers who will make the decision to not hire them solely based upon their inability to communicate effectively and respectively online.

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Worst Headline Examples from News Articles:

Headlines and stories are meant to flow well from paragraph to paragraph. However, online news and blogs have evolved immensely to which writers have lost their creativity to tell a story through fact checking, providing sources to the readers and allow them to draw their own conclusions.

Headlines as such shouldn’t be titled “Joanne Smith Claps Back at Her Neighbors for Allowing Her Child to Throw Inanimate Objects into Their Yard” or “Fights in Kensington Palace Happening Right Now! It’s Legit!” These aren’t honest headlines because the writers do not have definitive proof nor the connections to find out the truth behind closed doors in London, England or in their neighbor’s back yard.

What happened to such honest writers before the Internet? Were they shut out from the rest of the journalists who went on to add unnecessary drama with a hidden agenda in their articles?

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Bloggers Have Many Projects:

Bloggers have many projects they would love to share with their audiences for purposes such as:

  • To inspire those who share similar interests as them.
  • To teach students how to write a blog post.
  • Learn different writing formats (Creative, Journalism, & Fictional Stories).
  • Swing back and forth by publishing their writing and photography projects.
  • To give their audience an understanding that beauty is in the eye of writing and visual content.
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How to Change a Modern Photo into an Old Time Photo:

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Change the color of the image to zero (meaning that it will be black and white). Change the balance temperature to 57 (sepia).

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