Elle Wood’s Motivation to Succeed & You Can Too!

Legally Blonde is a fictional yet inspirational film where you can heed advice and apply it towards your life when you feel down about yourself.

Here are some tips you can learn from Elle Woods:

  1. It all starts off with heavy criticism. When someone doubts your abilities to become smarter, don’t change just to prove them wrong. Do it for yourself and to boost that confidence you lost some time ago. Gain the strength back and thank those who criticize you for which it helps you advance further into your career.
  2. Criticism can either make or break your mindset. With a strong mindset,  aim for your goal and reach for the stars.
  3. Knowledge is valued not necessarily based upon educational degrees but with a touch of common sense too. Don’t base everything on emotions. Focus on your subjects at hand with passion, research and information that are and will be beneficial for you and others.
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How to Write a Movie Review for your Blog:

Everyone has a different format of writing a movie review for their blogging platforms. Format, meaning different writing style techniques, use of eloquent terminology to flow with their movie match and their drawn conclusions about the film.

Here is how I would write a movie review on my blog:

  1. First paragraph is to write a small summary of the film between twenty to thirty-two words (What the film offers).
  2. Ask about the characters. How they met, what are their characters’ intentions for the film, etc. How are the characters compatible for one another?
  3. Ask about the plot. Where are the characters going in this film? When will they be caught? Why did they stay committed to this plan?
  4. Lastly, state your overall opinions about the film. What and why you enjoyed or disliked this film?
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“Get A Clue” Disney Movie:

get a clue

Lexy Gold is a high school newspaper gossip columnist at a New York public school. She and her friends embark on an investigative journey to discover where and why their teacher disappeared without a trace.

The main characters throughout the film have one thing in common: to find their teacher alive and ensure that he falls in love with another teacher to which he had chemistry with at the beginning of the film.

The methods Gabe, Lexy, Jen and Jack use to solve the mystery of their teacher’s disappearance are: 1.) Teaming up and keeping hush among themselves while investigating. 2.) Purchase spy equipment and fashion design as undercover detectives. 3.) Spy on Ms. Dawson to see if she had any interference with Mr. Walker’s absence from school. 4.) Use Jack’s computer that Mr. Walker had before discovering his true identity. 5.) Use the phone book to find his mother’s home address and determine if he resides there until his stalker gives up.

Nicholas Petrossian a.k.a Orlando Walker, vanished from school because he was framed by his former boss in 1987. He was a banker in Arizona and worked hard to move up the corporate ladder until he received a notice that $10 million on an account was stolen and placed into a foreign account with his name on it. He was framed for theft by Falco Grandville, known as “Detective Meaney.”

He faked his own death from 1987, moved to New York and became a teacher under the name of Orlando Walker. Grandville was arrested for fraud and impersonating a police officer while Petrossian got off and married Ms. Dawson.

Overall, the film gave important lessons to those who inspire to become journalists. From Lexy’s perspective, it’s essential to expand upon your research. Have a strong thirst for knowledge and never apologize for knowing your subjects. As for Jack, never underestimate those around you. Meaning, do not assume someone is guilty of a crime based upon their looks, how they dress and other aspects. Criticize a person by the content of their character and motives for damaging one’s reputation.

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Tips for The Upcoming Freshmen in College:

Transitioning from a high school atmosphere to a state university is tough. By tough, I mean that you will be surrounded by individuals you’ve never met before and it’s hard to adjust to your new college schedule because you have to walk the distance for each building your courses are located at.

Here are some tips for the upcoming freshmen in college:

  1. Apply for a part-time job-> If you are low on funds and need money to support yourself and purchase college necessities, universities offer students part-time jobs at the library, recreational center, etc.
  2. Spend time at the library-> The library helps you stay focus on the task at hand and it provides scholarly material than the Internet.
  3. Hit the Gym for Stress Relieve->Studying too frequently can create stress because you have over read much of the material your professor assigned to the class. To stress less, hit the gym to clear your mind. Exercise releases endorphins!
  4. Live in the Dorms-> If you are shy and reserved, live in the dorms for a few semesters to determine if you enjoy communicating with your fellow college students. The Student Residential Assistants will set up dorm activities to which you can partake in. It will highly involve communication and team work to make your experience memorable.
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Independence Day Celebration:


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Underrated Character in The Green Mile: Dean Stanton

Barry Pepper’s character, Dean Stanton was underrated with very little screen time yet had an emotional impact in the film which captivated audience members to shed tears at John Coffey’s execution scene.

Although not shown in the film, it has been noted that Dean was a married man with two children and a third one on the way. He sacrificed to take any job to support his family during the Great Depression era.

As a dedicated family man and E-Block guard, he helped Paul, Brutus and Harry take John Coffey off the mile in order to remove a tumor from Hal’s wife, Melinda. Meanwhile, he stayed on the mile to ensure that the hire-ups suspect nothing from the guards meaning that he would lie for his coworkers. If somebody stopped by, he would explain that Coffey became upset and was locked in the restraining room while Paul looked over Del’s execution files and the other guards would wash their clothes at the laundry mat.

Unfortunately, Stanton’s journey on the Green Mile didn’t last long at all. In fact, he transferred to another department not long after Coffey’s death where he was strangled to death by another inmate. Although Pepper’s character was short-lived, his performance and emotional reaction stands shoulder to shoulder with the actors whose scenes were also limited.

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“Kill the Messenger” Review:

From phone conversations to classified documents leaked by Federal Prosecutor Russell Dodson and given to Coral Baca, Gary Webb received information pertaining to drug smugglers, their involvement with the CIA and the effect of cocaine usage on American citizens.

Determined to find out who were the CIA informants purchasing narcotics and weapons, Webb met with attorney Alan Fenster and discussed with him that Dodson briefly stated in one of the court transcripts that Danilo Blandon was a drug trafficker who raised money through selling cocaine to support the Contra Rebels in Nicaragua.

While Webb’s news stories hit every news station nationwide, competitive journalists from different companies found faults within his research. They questioned where, why and how would he receive such confidential information and how far is too far with publishing classified information. A few reporters flew down to Nicaragua, interrogating Norwin Meneses and others only to discredit his sources which were not found credible to anyone, including his editor.

Unfortunately, Webb’s career in journalism ended and has been deceased since December 2004. The film pointed out many obstacles that block an investigative reporter’s work such as ethics, releasing sources and revealing too many details where you risk putting you and your family’s lives in danger.

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