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First Experience Driving on Tate Lane:

It was after a visit to the cemetery where I drove by to see if there were any paranormal activities ongoing late at night. A shadow seemed to appear for one second and vanished quickly. I left immediately and drove to … Continue reading

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My First Visit to the Bell Witch Cave:

  It has been five years since I went to the Bell Witch Cave located in Adams, Tennessee. Throughout the years, legend has it that a witch named Kate haunted the Bell family due to land issues to which she … Continue reading

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Daisy May in Her Comfy Bed:

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How To Create Your Own Facebook Photography Page:

Provide Details Name your photography page on social media. The shorter the name of your page is, the better reviews you will have. Write about your passion for photography and your goals for the photography page. List your subjects: For … Continue reading

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Elle Wood’s Motivation to Succeed & You Can Too!

Legally Blonde is a fictional yet inspirational film where you can heed advice and apply it towards your life when you feel down about yourself. Here are some tips you can learn from Elle Woods: It all starts off with … Continue reading

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How to Write a Movie Review for your Blog:

Everyone has a different format of writing a movie review for their blogging platforms. Format, meaning different writing style techniques, use of eloquent terminology to flow with their movie match and their drawn conclusions about the film. Here is how … Continue reading

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“Get A Clue” Disney Movie:

Lexy Gold is a high school newspaper gossip columnist at a New York public school. She and her friends embark on an investigative journey to discover where and why their teacher disappeared without a trace. The main characters throughout the … Continue reading

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