What Significant News Can Be Written In Today’s Media?

¬†Along with political and tragic scandals running amok, what other news stories can be worth reading in today’s 24/7 social media society?

First, it’s important to look back on the historical significance behind journalism to catch a glimpse on how much access the town folks received important news concerning their education, church announcements and health problems that arrived within their area. For example, Johannes Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press and its impact on the world. The printing press served as a purpose to spread information as quickly and efficiently from one town to another in a matter of days. Four hundred and fifty years later, William Randolph Hearst lumped the term “yellow journalism” together and defined it as fake news to distract readers from reading the news concerning health complications and economic crisis.

As social media and citizen journalism evolves around the globe, it’s extremely difficult to distinguish which stories are true/false because journalists and bloggers are not separating facts vs opinions along with using little to no research sources to confirm if their stories contain honest or falsified information.

The questions regarding journalists and bloggers for now are: what significant stories can bring interest to those who read your articles and blog posts? How could these stories create an impact for your audience members? And what steps do you take to ensure you are writing “newsworthy” stories?

As a blogger, you can look for upcoming events in your hometown or school events. The stories can create an impact on your audience members based upon the experience you and others have on a connection level. And the steps I take depend upon my interest of the subject or event occurring in my local areas, jotting down notes, capture memories through photography and interviewing people from the same/different areas.

To conclude this post, you can find many newsworthy stories but the writer has to keep a sharp eye on upcoming events, dive into your research pool and interview as many people about their experience at the event. It’s better to gain insight from others through experience than to rely on social media for falsified news.

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Church Cookout Event:

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“The Pregnancy Pact” Show Life Lessons:

Life lessons have been around for several years, especially for young children watching educational TV shows.¬† In this TV movie, “The Pregnancy Pact” dives into a controversial story which occurred in Gloucester, Massachusetts in June 2008.

Here are the life lessons high school students should take into consideration before planning children while watching this film:

  • Understand that teen boys will feel betrayed that they have been trapped by their girlfriends into becoming young parents. They want to enjoy sports, video games and other activities before turning 18 and before becoming a parent. Once you become a parent, it’s important for mothers and fathers to step in together and help each other raise the baby.
  • Do not make the decision to have a baby for YOUR own selfish reasons. It’s important for them to be planned by two people who have the financial, physical and emotional means to take care of that child.
  • Watch this film and read the controversial stories surrounding this particular issue that still pertains to high school students today.
  • Teens should enjoy partaking in extracurricular activities and not rush into having children while living under their parents’ roof.
  • Do NOT drink and smoke while pregnant because it can and will cause unborn babies to have birth defects.
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“Raising Helen”Film: Public Relations

raising helen

I’ve enrolled in my first Public Relations course and what the professor taught the class thus far is something that seems recognizable in the film, “Raising Helen.” Not only do Public Relations professionals deal with advertisements but work hard to endorse, promote, sell and write speeches for every successful businesses on the job market.

In “Raising Helen,” Kate Hudson’s character worked as an assistant coordinator in the fashion industry. What her job entailed was to work with as many clients before they walked across the stage, pose for the judges and receive certain scores which can make or break their careers. Not to mention but schedule flight bookings for her clients and boss, Dominique (portrayed by Helen Mirren).

As for her second job as a cars salesman, she not only had to work with clients but had the willingness to sell used cars with confidence and carry the knowledge about the company and her job description. Advertising isn’t just enough for clients to walk in and select a car to buy. As a salesman, it’s essential to communicate thoroughly with the public, update as much information about newer vehicles as possible and address their comments, questions and concerns in a timely manner.

Public Relations in this film was used to promote and gain a basic knowledge of what two different job duties required for those companies. Lastly, in order to be rewarded for your hard work and dedication to your company, you must be willing to work patiently with the public and work from dusk until dawn. These jobs require lots of team meetings, lunch with clients and updating work on social media everyday.

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Daisy May Ready To Run In & Eat:

daisy september 2017_02

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Current Weather in TN:

august 31 2017 weather

Since Hurricane Harvey arrived and flooded Texas and Louisiana, here is the aftermath down-pouring rain moving at an instant rate in the state of Tennessee.


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Writing & Editing Stories:

As a contributing writer and photographer for my college newspaper, it’s essential to review my previous work and understand why the first drafts failed to deliver their presence online.

In other words, the following reasons why my first drafts weren’t published are: First and foremost, there are too many grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. As with every draft you deliver to the editor, errors will pop up from each and every paragraph you write for that particular story.

Secondly, your sentences are too long and do not connect the dots. It’s essential to dissect your work piece by piece and ensure that your story does not have one too many run on sentences. Get directly to the point and move forward.

And lastly, your story sunk underneath the required word count. If you are beneath it, you will have to make some major changes in your article which means adding more paragraphs and spending more time to request information from the interviewees.

The best advice for this post is to ask as many questions in an orderly fashion after researching your subject and make some changes to your first draft before sending to the editor.

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