Writing & Editing Stories:

As a contributing writer and photographer for my college newspaper, it’s essential to review my previous work and understand why the first drafts failed to deliver their presence online.

In other words, the following reasons why my first drafts weren’t published are: First and foremost, there are too many grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. As with every draft you deliver to the editor, errors will pop up from each and every paragraph you write for that particular story.

Secondly, your sentences are too long and do not connect the dots. It’s essential to dissect your work piece by piece and ensure that your story does not have one too many run on sentences. Get directly to the point and move forward.

And lastly, your story sunk underneath the required word count. If you are beneath it, you will have to make some major changes in your article which means adding more paragraphs and spending more time to request information from the interviewees.

The best advice for this post is to ask as many questions in an orderly fashion after researching your subject and make some changes to your first draft before sending to the editor.

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Repetitive Content From the Media Outlets Lead to Nowhere:

Repetitive content the media continues to cover on a daily basis leads to nowhere. How so? They gather the same information from multiple sources which was shared to the world several years ago. Currently, it should not be a constant reminder to everyone once more because we have serious issues ongoing around the world that need to be covered.

Not to mention but once information about the relationship between Prince Charles and the Late Diana, Princess of Wales were released on tape and in multiple newspapers, it’s now labeled as “old news.” Nothing more, nothing less. If people are interested about their relationship, dig up 1980’s – 1990’s footage from YouTube and read the newspaper clips.  The thought of bringing up depressing news about the collapsed marriage between them should be left alone because the past about their personal lives are none of our business.

Speaking of click bait headlines which affect stories that lead to nowhere, a story coming soon from Yahoo is not new. Their headline for this morning is about why Diana never wanted to be Queen and how it is touching. This story is extremely misleading because in a Panorama interview in November 1995, she said that she didn’t think she was going to become queen and assumed that many others did not want her to be in that position. What she said in the interview turned out to be sadly true but the so-called “article” should have carefully selected their headline because Diana’s quote in the article was correct yet the title was misinterpreted.

What these media outlets should do is focus less on repetitive stories where they bring up the past and aim for stories where we discuss the present and future of this nation.

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From Shy to Confident & Outspoken:

With shyness, insecurity sinks deeply into your brain which can affect the process of thinking and creating innovative ideas.

As time marches forward, you will experience something rather unusual. For example, joining a college newspaper club where you will acquire listening and speaking skills, undergo interviews where each individuals have their own personalities and pick up different skills that the club requires each member to learn.

What this means is if you are shy and have not learned what it takes to become a journalist in the future, you will have a bumpy ride because the job requires the employee to become outspoken, think on your feet and prepare for a backup plan.

How you can move away from shyness is to open yourself up to the world around you, explore many places where you can ask questions and do not be afraid to change what you are now into someone you wish to become (from shy to confident and outgoing).

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Daisy May Calm Before the Storm:

This gallery contains 3 photos.

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Mixing & Mingling Events Two Days Together:


In a small town above the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee, these two-day events mark a significant milestone for my beloved grandmother who turned 90 years young a few days ago and continues to stay strong by holding onto her faith in our heavenly father, God.

These events also mark the milestone for my family once more because we seldom see those who travel to Tennessee once a year. As for our entire clan, I see them on various holiday occasions where second cousins are expanding exponentially.

As these events mix and mingle for two days straight, it will be something to look forward to after not seeing everyone since Christmas 2016 and hope that we can all put aside our differences, collaborate together and spend time with one another through sharing memories filled with laughter and tears.

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Pink & Purple Crape Myrtles Stick Together Like Glue:

july 2017 flower image

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Viewing Film From a Journalism Perspective:

At one point or another, we all watch movies that inspire us to do what our heart desires. For example, becoming a police officer, teacher or a local newspaper reporter. Even though what the movies cover under two hours seem to have an unrealistic tone to them, we can take what we learn from these films and apply it to the real world. How so? It’s the life lessons we take and ensure to everyone around us that we are honest, respectful and instill hardworking, ethical values which are lacking in today’s social media generation.

The top film which can be inspirational for journalists on here is:

never been kissed

Never Been Kissed –>As silly as the plot sounds, let’s take a look at this film from a journalism perspective. Here you have a shy copy editor who’s been assigned to report as an undercover high school student searching for stories that could make or break her career. As Josie Geller attended her job conferences and the pressure from her boss and supervisor became unbearable, she revealed herself at the prom where Sam Coulson discovered that she was writing a story about their teacher-student closeness which slowly developed into a romantic relationship. After the teacher recognized her true intentions, he stopped speaking to her and nearly moved away until he read her report which made the front page news in the Chicago Sun Times newspaper where she revealed her past, present and future self. In other words, going to high school doesn’t change you, but from your experiences and opportunities you gain in life will reflect who you are and who you will be for the time you have on earth.

  1. Her original assignment wasn’t meant for her to find a relationship but to experience how much high school has changed since she graduated 7 years before.
  2. The assignment was to find a breaking news story which could boost her career. For example, when the jocks were arrested for underage drinking at a rave.
  3. Being put under pressure from her boss and supervisor, she had to report back to them by attending daily conferences, usage of surveillance video cameras, tape recorders and put herself into a position she was uncomfortable with at most because the paper needed a good scoop for publication. The assignment she was given helped her see a bigger picture as well as giving the high school students a taste of their own medicine.
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