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“Kill the Messenger” Review:

From phone conversations to classified documents leaked by Federal Prosecutor Russell Dodson and given to Coral Baca, Gary Webb received information pertaining to drug smugglers, their involvement with the CIA and the effect of cocaine usage on American citizens. Determined … Continue reading

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“The Pregnancy Pact” Show Life Lessons:

Life lessons have been around for several years, especially for young children watching educational TV shows.  In this TV movie, “The Pregnancy Pact” dives into a controversial story which occurred in Gloucester, Massachusetts in June 2008. Here are the life … Continue reading

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“Never Been Kissed” Movie: Josie’s Prom Speech & Advice Column

From a previous post in regards to how this film is an inspiration for future journalists in the years to follow, for this post I will discuss a few details regarding Josie’s story from the beginning and how in the … Continue reading

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“Never Been Kissed”: Inspirational Movie for Journalists

“Never Been Kissed” is one of my favorite movies from the late 1990’s. Not necessarily because it was a movie I could relate to on a personal level but because it inspired me to major in journalism. From what I’ve … Continue reading

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“The Last 100 Days of Diana” Review:

“The Last 100 Days of Diana” has been over for the last 42 minutes in Central Time, Tennessee and from what the show covered consisted bits and pieces of Diana’s childhood and early years of marriage to Prince Charles. But … Continue reading

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