Current Weather in TN:

august 31 2017 weather

Since Hurricane Harvey arrived and flooded Texas and Louisiana, here is the aftermath down-pouring rain moving at an instant rate in the state of Tennessee.



From Shy to Confident & Outspoken:

With shyness, insecurity sinks deeply into your brain which can affect the process of thinking and creating innovative ideas.

As time marches forward, you will experience something rather unusual. For example, joining a college newspaper club where you will acquire listening and speaking skills, undergo interviews where each individuals have their own personalities and pick up different skills that the club requires each member to learn.

What this means is if you are shy and have not learned what it takes to become a journalist in the future, you will have a bumpy ride because the job requires the employee to become outspoken, think on your feet and prepare for a backup plan.

How you can move away from shyness is to open yourself up to the world around you, explore many places where you can ask questions and do not be afraid to change what you are now into someone you wish to become (from shy to confident and outgoing).