Reflecting My Memories Spent at TTU vs MTSU:

Even though I have attended two different universities in the state of Tennessee, the memories I spent there will always stay with me forever.

While I was attending Tennessee Tech for one year, I learned:

  • How to become a bit more social although I was still shy and afraid to speak my mind.
  • Not to light a candle in the dormitory because it will set the alarm off in the early hours of the morning. I knew of course not to do that but someone else did it and everyone had to rush outside as quickly as possible.
  • Ask questions to my professors when I am unsure of something which could reflect my homework grade.
  • Walk around campus and locate each building where my courses were going to be held.
  • Include my roommate when there are dorm activities involved.
  • Arrive back on campus around 3 Sunday afternoon because parking in the dorm spots are full afterwards.

Meanwhile at Middle Tennessee State University, I learned:

  • To join MTSU Sidelines and learn how to write in the lifestyles section before writing news.
  • Arrive on campus one hour early because parking spots are fully booked around 8:15 a.m.
  • Spend as much time at the library and gymnasium will help relax my mind while working on my homework assignments.
  • Receiving encouragement and useful advice from my journalism instructor will help me become more motivated and passionate about the time and effort I put into my work as a blogger and future journalist. And to never give up quickly!

MTSU’s “Not My President” Rally:

On Thursday, January 19th, students and one professor at Middle Tennessee State University came together to protest with students and declare that Donald Trump is “Not Their President.”

The rally which was held outside the Student Union Building consisted of signs that said, “Democracy is in the Streets,” as well as “Solidarity NOT Scapegoating” and “Resist.” When one of the students was asked why they decided to come out and protest today, she said, “Because I am against misogyny and racism and everything that Trump stands for.” The speakers didn’t give specific examples as to why Donald Trump is a racist and misogynist.

A former student at MTSU was also interviewed. The answer he gave when asked why he thinks Trump should not be President was “Well, a lot of people say that he is not our President because of what he stands for and how he campaigned. He campaigned against Muslims, black people, Hispanics and Latinos:everybody that makes this country work.” He then went onto say that, “Pretty much the only people that he stands with are the very rich and that’s disgusting. Just look at his cabinet picks.” Again, the protesters are not diving into examples but to accuse Trump of something he is not.

Today is the official day when Trump swears in as the 45th President of the United States. While protests are occurring at the moment, others are celebrating and accepting Trump as the winner.

Originally, the protest was supposed to start at 12:30 and end at 2:00 but cancelled one hour early due to heavy rain. If you have any questions or comments, please click on the contact page and message me via email.

Exercising & Doing Homework:

For the last couple of nights, working on my homework has been essential and so is exercising. Why, you might ask? Well, I might not be an expert on the brain and body, but it helps me focus on my studies. This year needs to be taken to a whole new direction where procrastination needs to stop and focusing on my health and homework are far more important to be concerned about.

Going to the gym on my lighter class days and eating yogurt can help me focus on what needs to be accomplished. For instance, my accounting homework. When it is due on a certain day, jump on the computer at the library after working out and beat the deadline to the punch.

Implement the saying into my skull, “No More Procrastinating!”