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Another Mediocre Actress Complaining About Women Who Voted for Trump:

This time, another mediocre actress complains about  “women” who are college educated and voted for President Donald Trump. The reason for her complaint exactly is? Nothing other than telling us average women that we should look the other way and … Continue reading

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Censorship on College Confession Pages:

Of course censorship has been happening for many years, but it has gotten worse ever since the creation of social media where people share their opinions and thoughts on certain topics they neither agree nor disagree with. They argue for hours … Continue reading

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The Fake News Media Outlets: How to Identify Them

The Fake News Media Outlets continue to pour out their feelings and refuse to report the truth as time continues to fly on a whim. From CNN to MSNBC and onward, the “journalists” spill out what they deem to be … Continue reading

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Are College Students Afraid of the Truth?

Recently, I had a conversation back and forth with a college student regarding “respect” and how it is earned, not an entitlement. This occurred on social media last night after someone anonymously posted on a college confessions page that the Democratic … Continue reading

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Politics & Academy Awards Do Not Mix Together:

Last night, the 89th Academy Awards was hosted by Jimmy Kimmel which was held in Los Angeles, California. Of course, the actors and actresses celebrated their prizes by showing on national television how much of an extreme ego they have … Continue reading

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Hollywood Celebrities Back Again With Lame Political Statements:

Hollywood celebrities are back again with their lame, biased and uneducated political statements. Since President Trump’s inauguration last month, the irrelevant snowflakes continue to cry and wipe away their tears with a baby blanket while wearing baby bonnets and sucking … Continue reading

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Narcissistic Radical “Women” Celebrities:

While watching videos of the narcissistic “women celebrities” ranting and raving about being women who need special privileges and wearing pink kitty cat hats at the same time, why should us average “women” look up to them as role models? They … Continue reading

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