My Walker Stalker Convention Experience:

On Saturday, June 3, I attended my first Walker Stalker Convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

It was my 24th birthday and I met two of my favorite actors from The Walking Dead: Emily Kinney as Beth Greene and Scott Wilson as Hershel Greene. Despite misunderstandings about general admissions and where the lines were held due to the staff confusion and being rude to people time after time again, the line moved as quickly as it did and around 10:45, I made it in there where action figures were displayed and actors signed autographs.

The actors were very courteous and I enjoyed my time there although the prices are costly for autographs and selfies. But in the end, it was worth spending a day downtown Nashville meeting people I’d thought I would never meet in a million years. If you are a fan of The Walking Dead TV series, I highly encourage you to go and meet your favorite character actor. They are very welcoming and enjoy communicating with their fans.

My experience may have been a once in a lifetime opportunity but I am glad to step outside of my barriers and got to meet my favorite celebrities although I should have  asked a few questions about their past film careers because their acting has improved significantly overtime with experience and practice. Not to mention but ask them what advice would they give to youngsters who are interested in pursuing a career in acting.


Matthew Morrison Concert Review:

On April 7th, I attended a Matthew Morrison concert at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in downtown Nashville.

The concert overall was fantastic and the audience was huge. The actor/singer did a phenomenal job and so did his piano buddy from Glee, Brad. Not to mention but adult and high school band groups. Of course, some rules are enforced such as not taking videos and avoid taking pictures with a flash camera. It was one of the greatest events I have attended thus far and look forward to another event which will be held in June of this year.

For anyone who doubts his ability to sing and dance at the same time, at least do attend one of his concerts and you will be surprised how great of a performer he is.

TN Human Rights Day Event:


Tennessee Human Rights Day was held on Tuesday, December 6th at the John Seigenthaler Center in Downtown Nashville where many attended to pass out flyers regarding where you can go if you have been discriminated against at work (Equal Employment Opportunity). And from 6-7 that night was a panel discussion where children’s rights and child trafficking laws were discussed. And how it can be prevented.