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Elle Wood’s Motivation to Succeed & You Can Too!

Legally Blonde is a fictional yet inspirational film where you can heed advice and apply it towards your life when you feel down about yourself. Here are some tips you can learn from Elle Woods: It all starts off with … Continue reading

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“The Pregnancy Pact” Show Life Lessons:

Life lessons have been around for several years, especially for young children watching educational TV shows.¬† In this TV movie, “The Pregnancy Pact” dives into a controversial story which occurred in Gloucester, Massachusetts in June 2008. Here are the life … Continue reading

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Viewing Film From a Journalism Perspective:

At one point or another, we all watch movies that inspire us to do what our heart desires. For example, becoming a police officer, teacher or a local newspaper reporter. Even though what the movies cover under two hours seem … Continue reading

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The Chance to Redo Middle School:

From listing my successful and unsuccessful years as a former middle school student, I now recognize how much my mind has strengthen since then. ¬†Middle school is a time where kids transition from children to teens and go through sorts … Continue reading

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“The Mummy” 2017 Film: Second Impression

Even though I wrote about the top five summer films to see in 2017 for MTSU Sidelines and The Mummy was the first film to be listed on there, I now take back what I say about this film for … Continue reading

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We Are All Narcissists: It Can Range from Mild to Severe

Although I am not a psychologist, it takes common sense to recognize that we all tend to have a case of narcissism at one point or another. We may not intend to be that way or not notice it right … Continue reading

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New Jeepers Creepers 3 Story-line: Why?

As a fan of the original Jeepers Creepers films which were released between 2001 and 2003, the third film finished the filming production in Louisiana two months ago with an unknown release date and with one of the strangest story-lines … Continue reading

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