Current Weather in TN:

august 31 2017 weather

Since Hurricane Harvey arrived and flooded Texas and Louisiana, here is the aftermath down-pouring rain moving at an instant rate in the state of Tennessee.



“The Mummy” 2017 Film: Second Impression

Even though I wrote about the top five summer films to see in 2017 for MTSU Sidelines and The Mummy was the first film to be listed on there, I now take back what I say about this film for two reasons: One, it may not be a remake but it has a similar style of how the other films were introduced. For example, the narrator talking about the person who committed murder during the Ancient Egyptian times as well as being found, mummified, buried elsewhere along with a curse. Not to mention but Tom Cruise’s character Nick who kept zoning in and out of reality dozens of times throughout the movie which led to nowhere. And because I read information about the plot and wrote the review before going to the movies with my grandfather on an early, sunny Sunday afternoon with the thought of giving this film a chance to see if it would pass or fail the test. To no avail, it failed at an instant rate.

Secondly, there wasn’t a plot story to begin with. In other words, there were two guys who went from bombing Iraq when an airstrike suddenly hit one of the areas where they found the mummy’s tomb to flying with an archaeologist on a plane back to London when suddenly one of the guys from the aircraft was cursed and killed another individual and the plane crashed somewhere on the countryside of England.

Sure this isn’t a remake of the 1932 and 1999 films but it had a similar back story to it in regards to the mummy. It was disappointing in the end because there were far too many details in regards to Tom Cruise’s character seeing the mummy from ancient times and back to reality in a matter of seconds as well as Russell Crowe’s character explaining to him that he was like Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. The plot was extremely complex to the point where very little people had shown up to the theaters and watched the film. It failed to deliver what was promised and for that reason, the “Mummy” films should be left as is while throwing this one away in the garbage.

Corporal Punishment Removed in One TN County:

Just recently, the county I live in are now banning corporal punishment because it hasn’t been used in years. One of the board members who voted for it to be eliminated said within the article that it may not be a useful way to discipline kids.

The question now is, “What punishment, other than demerits, suspension, ¬†and detention, should the students receive if they act out of line?” How are those punishments, which are listed in the question, going to discipline the students? These school board members need to think about the consequences if they stray away from corporal punishment because if kids cannot behave themselves properly, how are they going to behave when they become adults? The “so-called” role model teachers nowadays have spiraled out of control and will never discipline anyone because they are afraid of being sued by a child’s parents. Adults have sheltered children for way too long. It’s time to stop nurturing and start disciplining them to the fullest extent.