Viewing Film From a Journalism Perspective:

At one point or another, we all watch movies that inspire us to do what our heart desires. For example, becoming a police officer, teacher or a local newspaper reporter. Even though what the movies cover under two hours seem to have an unrealistic tone to them, we can take what we learn from these films and apply it to the real world. How so? It’s the life lessons we take and ensure to everyone around us that we are honest, respectful and instill hardworking, ethical values which are lacking in today’s social media generation.

The top film which can be inspirational for journalists on here is:

never been kissed

Never Been Kissed –>As silly as the plot sounds, let’s take a look at this film from a journalism perspective. Here you have a shy copy editor who’s been assigned to report as an undercover high school student searching for stories that could make or break her career. As Josie Geller attended her job conferences and the pressure from her boss and supervisor became unbearable, she revealed herself at the prom where Sam Coulson discovered that she was writing a story about their teacher-student closeness which slowly developed into a romantic relationship. After the teacher recognized her true intentions, he stopped speaking to her and nearly moved away until he read her report which made the front page news in the Chicago Sun Times newspaper where she revealed her past, present and future self. In other words, going to high school doesn’t change you, but from your experiences and opportunities you gain in life will reflect who you are and who you will be for the time you have on earth.

  1. Her original assignment wasn’t meant for her to find a relationship but to experience how much high school has changed since she graduated 7 years before.
  2. The assignment was to find a breaking news story which could boost her career. For example, when the jocks were arrested for underage drinking at a rave.
  3. Being put under pressure from her boss and supervisor, she had to report back to them by attending daily conferences, usage of surveillance video cameras, tape recorders and put herself into a position she was uncomfortable with at most because the paper needed a good scoop for publication. The assignment she was given helped her see a bigger picture as well as giving the high school students a taste of their own medicine.

“The Mummy” 2017 Film: Second Impression

Even though I wrote about the top five summer films to see in 2017 for MTSU Sidelines and The Mummy was the first film to be listed on there, I now take back what I say about this film for two reasons: One, it may not be a remake but it has a similar style of how the other films were introduced. For example, the narrator talking about the person who committed murder during the Ancient Egyptian times as well as being found, mummified, buried elsewhere along with a curse. Not to mention but Tom Cruise’s character Nick who kept zoning in and out of reality dozens of times throughout the movie which led to nowhere. And because I read information about the plot and wrote the review before going to the movies with my grandfather on an early, sunny Sunday afternoon with the thought of giving this film a chance to see if it would pass or fail the test. To no avail, it failed at an instant rate.

Secondly, there wasn’t a plot story to begin with. In other words, there were two guys who went from bombing Iraq when an airstrike suddenly hit one of the areas where they found the mummy’s tomb to flying with an archaeologist on a plane back to London when suddenly one of the guys from the aircraft was cursed and killed another individual and the plane crashed somewhere on the countryside of England.

Sure this isn’t a remake of the 1932 and 1999 films but it had a similar back story to it in regards to the mummy. It was disappointing in the end because there were far too many details in regards to Tom Cruise’s character seeing the mummy from ancient times and back to reality in a matter of seconds as well as Russell Crowe’s character explaining to him that he was like Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. The plot was extremely complex to the point where very little people had shown up to the theaters and watched the film. It failed to deliver what was promised and for that reason, the “Mummy” films should be left as is while throwing this one away in the garbage.

“Never Been Kissed” Movie: Josie’s Prom Speech & Advice Column

From a previous post in regards to how this film is an inspiration for future journalists in the years to follow, for this post I will discuss a few details regarding Josie’s story from the beginning and how in the end, she wrote about her experience as an undercover reporter posing as a high school student. Not to mention but the changes she underwent during her time as a nerd to becoming popular with the mean girls and how her prom speech and advice column changed everyone’s perspectives from biased to unbiased.

When Drew Barrymore’s character spoke about her advice column that she “lived a lifetime of regrets,” it means that she missed many opportunities to socialize because she focused on her school grades too often and she was very timid. At the beginning of the film, we see how much her so-called prom “date” treated her and how she carried that fear of going to prom again because of the egg toss encounter she endured years before. When she had a second chance to go back to high school and find herself in a position that she would have never imagined, she toughened up and eventually wound up popular with the mean girls. When she noticed how the mean girls were ready to toss dog food at her friend, she prevented it by knocking it out of their hands which came back down and ruined their prom costumes for the night. When she gave her speech, the entire room was silent where she gave advice in regards to how there’s so much more to life than living in a high school bubble where you will only be there for a short amount of time and you will change as a person when you grow older. The most important detail is how you should treat nerds with kindness because one day, they might end up as your boss who will ride your tail for life due to the treatment they received from you in high school. Never underestimate nerds because they are the shining light of bringing success into this world.

However, when she agreed to do this assignment, she wasn’t expecting to search for love at first sight. She was to report her experience as a high school student, publish what she learned from it and eventually, the plot twist occurred when her boss asked her to write a report in regards to how close is too close for a student and teacher to form a relationship from the ground up. When she explained her assignment in the prom speech, the teacher was heart-broken and walked outside for a fresh breath of air until he found out that she was writing a report on him which consisted them forming a student-teacher relationship. He walked off with disappointment and disgusted because he went through time and effort to send a recommendation letter to Dartmouth College. After he read Josie’s advice column where she spoke about her experience as well as apologizing and letting him know that she loved him, she proposed to sit at the pitcher’s mound for five minutes with a huge crowd of high school students and coworkers surrounding her in the bleachers until he shows up and she has her first kiss.

Little did she know how much of an influence she became to everyone at the high school and to her coworkers because she ensured to everyone that no matter how much she messed up, she was an undercover reporter who wanted a second chance to experience high school differently and to give everyone as well as herself a huge reality check before everything becomes a big mess that will have to be cleaned up from the floor up.

Her prom speech and advice column gives you a hint of who she was and how going back to high school for the second time changed her for the better. Regardless of how the situation became messy from the middle to the end, she stood her ground and was determined to get her story one or another. She stooped low but not as low as “journalists” are these days where they will slander anyone just to receive attention and blame someone else for their messy and poor reporting.

“Never Been Kissed”: Inspirational Movie for Journalists

“Never Been Kissed” is one of my favorite movies from the late 1990’s. Not necessarily because it was a movie I could relate to on a personal level but because it inspired me to major in journalism.

From what I’ve gathered while watching this film, here are some inspirational tips for future journalists to read:

  • Find your story–>Determine how you would approach it, do your research and begin the interviewing process
  • Differentiate your adult persona vs teen persona–>In other words, how much were you willing to listen and learn from the story you were assigned to as an adult and how would you react to this assigned coverage if you were a teenager all over again.
  • Become More Outgoing–> Get to meet others from different cliques before criticizing them (Find out what you have in common with them vs the group you are normally in). Secondly, join extracurricular activities you would have never imagined because you thought the people on the staff were stuck-up when in fact, they are dedicated and appreciative of their work through time and effort. Be humble about your accomplishments but do not let anyone take advantage of you just because you are kind and treat everyone with respect. It’s essential that you must recognize you’re not going to please everyone. Expect negative feedback; take it on with the chin.
  •  Write The Story & Find Out What You Have Learned Through Experience–> Through some stories you write about, you can learn about a great deal of things you thought you would never encounter in  reality nor in your wildest dreams, possible. Share it with the world and let them know that anything you experience outside your boundaries are possible and do not be afraid of change.

The one thing I wish the script writers would have added in Josie’s rant in the prom scene is her telling the bullies that not only are there much more activities outside of the high school world but that once you enter the real world, you could work for a boss whom you picked on because they were nerdy and they could ride your tail for life due to making their life miserable in high school. Treat others as to how you want to be treated.