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Worst Headline Examples from News Articles:

Headlines and stories are meant to flow well from paragraph to paragraph. However, online news and blogs have evolved immensely to which writers have lost their creativity to tell a story through fact checking, providing sources to the readers and … Continue reading

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“Kill the Messenger” Review:

From phone conversations to classified documents leaked by Federal Prosecutor Russell Dodson and given to Coral Baca, Gary Webb received information pertaining to drug smugglers, their involvement with the CIA and the effect of cocaine usage on American citizens. Determined … Continue reading

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Time Consumption for Bloggers & Reporters:

Bloggers and reporters undergo pressure to create fresh content for their target audiences. To understand the life of a blogger and reporter, understand that they set deadlines to ensure that their work is ready to upload after… Creating a noteworthy … Continue reading

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Bloggers vs Reporters:

Reporters and bloggers use social media to their advantages/ disadvantages but the main difference between these two are: Bloggers are citizen journalists meaning they have no background experience working in the media field. Reporters report breaking news and current events … Continue reading

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What Significant News Can Be Written In Today’s Media?

¬†Along with political and tragic scandals running amok, what other news stories can be worth reading in today’s 24/7 social media society? First, it’s important to look back on the historical significance behind journalism to catch a glimpse on how … Continue reading

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“Raising Helen”Film: Public Relations

I’ve enrolled in my first Public Relations course and what the professor taught the class thus far is something that seems recognizable in the film, “Raising Helen.” Not only do Public Relations professionals deal with advertisements but work hard to … Continue reading

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Writing & Editing Stories:

As a contributing writer and photographer for my college newspaper, it’s essential to review my previous work and understand why the first drafts failed to deliver their presence online. In other words, the following reasons why my first drafts weren’t … Continue reading

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