Reflecting My Memories Spent at TTU vs MTSU:

Even though I have attended two different universities in the state of Tennessee, the memories I spent there will always stay with me forever.

While I was attending Tennessee Tech for one year, I learned:

  • How to become a bit more social although I was still shy and afraid to speak my mind.
  • Not to light a candle in the dormitory because it will set the alarm off in the early hours of the morning. I knew of course not to do that but someone else did it and everyone had to rush outside as quickly as possible.
  • Ask questions to my professors when I am unsure of something which could reflect my homework grade.
  • Walk around campus and locate each building where my courses were going to be held.
  • Include my roommate when there are dorm activities involved.
  • Arrive back on campus around 3 Sunday afternoon because parking in the dorm spots are full afterwards.

Meanwhile at Middle Tennessee State University, I learned:

  • To join MTSU Sidelines and learn how to write in the lifestyles section before writing news.
  • Arrive on campus one hour early because parking spots are fully booked around 8:15 a.m.
  • Spend as much time at the library and gymnasium will help relax my mind while working on my homework assignments.
  • Receiving encouragement and useful advice from my journalism instructor will help me become more motivated and passionate about the time and effort I put into my work as a blogger and future journalist. And to never give up quickly!

My Walker Stalker Convention Experience:

On Saturday, June 3, I attended my first Walker Stalker Convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

It was my 24th birthday and I met two of my favorite actors from The Walking Dead: Emily Kinney as Beth Greene and Scott Wilson as Hershel Greene. Despite misunderstandings about general admissions and where the lines were held due to the staff confusion and being rude to people time after time again, the line moved as quickly as it did and around 10:45, I made it in there where action figures were displayed and actors signed autographs.

The actors were very courteous and I enjoyed my time there although the prices are costly for autographs and selfies. But in the end, it was worth spending a day downtown Nashville meeting people I’d thought I would never meet in a million years. If you are a fan of The Walking Dead TV series, I highly encourage you to go and meet your favorite character actor. They are very welcoming and enjoy communicating with their fans.

My experience may have been a once in a lifetime opportunity but I am glad to step outside of my barriers and got to meet my favorite celebrities although I should have  asked a few questions about their past film careers because their acting has improved significantly overtime with experience and practice. Not to mention but ask them what advice would they give to youngsters who are interested in pursuing a career in acting.

Angry Fan Has Celebrity Worship Syndrome:

In a previous blog post, I summed up some points regarding my encounter with an angry fan online and how obsessed she is with the actor and his personal life. From my experience, she definitely has the “celebrity worship syndrome” which is when people are overly in love with their favorite celebrities. Down below is a list of what I endured during the time I communicated with this “angry, love struck fan.”

  • Over the course of four months, she changed her persona from nice and friendly to spiteful and bipolar out of the blue.
  • She became angry as time marched on and didn’t show true self until later because she is miserable with her own life.
  • She was highly jealous because the actor’s wife seems to be prettier, more humble while living the good life whereas the angry fan doesn’t have neither of those characteristics. She is obsessed with the actor’s looks, personality, private and public life.
  • She became defensive if you forbid to say something positive about the actor’s wife for an unknown reason. She said to me in an email before going off on her that she wants me to join her and go on a “hate campaign” against the actor’s wife. Sounds as if this angry fan has psychotic behavior. I refused and told her how she behaved towards me was unacceptable and I will no longer tolerate it. I sent the email to her in the nastiest way possible because she became rude first and I stooped to her level to show her that she is not going to mind trick me into thinking that I will be naive and fall for her shenanigans again.

This lasted from December 2010 to March 2012 and thankfully, I learned something after communicating with a stranger on Facebook whose behavior spiraled out of her own control. My message to those who go through the same thing: be careful who you are communicating with. If you have questions, do your research on the person (not to be a stalker) and think before communicating with them any further.

Censorship on College Confession Pages:

Of course censorship has been happening for many years, but it has gotten worse ever since the creation of social media where people share their opinions and thoughts on certain topics they neither agree nor disagree with. They argue for hours on end until a special snowflake finds both civilized arguments offensive and removes the comment from both parties without a peep.

These college confession pages are not that great anyways, even if you choose to post anonymously because what you post stays on the Internet regardless if Facebook deleted it or not. The reason for bringing this topic to light on my blog is because not only are students enduring censorship on college campuses but it is happening online too.

We need to stop these anti-freedom of speech movements before it gets way out of hand. We need to stop these professors from indoctrinating students into thinking that being a globalist is a good thing. We need to stand up for our rights as American citizens and unite as a whole, not divide each other into different categories. Freedom of Speech is important in this country and no matter how hurtful the truth is, it shall set us free.

Experience from Encountering an Angry Fan on the Internet:

When I was seventeen years old, I had an encounter from an angry fan on the internet whom happened to be an obsessed fan of this actor who played on The Walking Dead. It all began when I made a comment on one of the actor’s fan pages on Facebook and she, the angry fan, replied to my comment in a nice manner. We began talking and befriended each other a little while later. She seemed very nice but boy was I in for a one year-long ride with her irrational, bipolar and obsessed behavior.

She and I use to communicate via messenger on Facebook up until three-four in the morning about our favorite actor. Then a few months later, she began to block some of the pictures and posts about the actor for an unknown reason. I sent her an email and she would respond with a hateful tone, stating for example, “Your artwork stinks. Have a nice life!” Sure, it hurt me on the inside because I was communicating with someone who happens to like the same actor’s work. I apologized for no reason and profusely, asking her for forgiveness if I said anything to offend her, in which I didn’t. Now that I look back on it, I shouldn’t have apologized and let her go without responding. One year later, I sent her an email and she still responded with hate. But one month later, she apologized to me but I did not let it go and told her off. She was strange and it was time to relieve myself from someone who might suffer from what is to be known as “Celebrity Worship Syndrome.” Not only was she in love with the actor’s work, but him and his personal life. She was delusional along with a dangerous borderline personality disorder.

My first encounter with her did not work the first time round and it surely did not do so the second time round, either. She blocked me from viewing her YouTube videos and fan page in regards to one of the characters on The Walking Dead. It taught me a valuable lesson that you should be careful with who you associate online because they can be nice to you at first but then find out later that they are the opposite of what you experienced at first hand. If anyone else has experienced this sort of behavior online, you are not alone. Do not be afraid to stand up for yourself and drop communication with that person as quickly and with little pain as possible.

Yearbook Staff Paperwork:

It has been six years since I was on the yearbook staff in high school and while it was a short ride, I have kept some paperwork to help enhance my writing style and photography skills for the future. Fast forward to 2017 and while I take a look at the paperwork and my yearbook staff work sometimes, it definitely helped me out quite a bit with both of these skills, as well as preparing me how to interview people and what journalism is all about.

The paperwork I was given while in high school consisted of how Online Design for Walsworth Co. works and terms that are used and misused commonly. For example, “accept” and “except.” The difference between them is that “accept” is meant as a way of gladly receiving a gift, whereas, “except” is something you are glad to be receiving something, “but” are refusing the gift because you don’t feel like you deserve the gift in the first place. In other words, you accept the gift, except you are refusing it because did your work out of kindness. That type of paper was given to the students so it would help strengthen our writing abilities.

Pictures of what was mentioned in this post has been updated to another post!

TN Human Rights Day Event:


Tennessee Human Rights Day was held on Tuesday, December 6th at the John Seigenthaler Center in Downtown Nashville where many attended to pass out flyers regarding where you can go if you have been discriminated against at work (Equal Employment Opportunity). And from 6-7 that night was a panel discussion where children’s rights and child trafficking laws were discussed. And how it can be prevented.