“Never Been Kissed” Movie: Josie’s Prom Speech & Advice Column

From a previous post in regards to how this film is an inspiration for future journalists in the years to follow, for this post I will discuss a few details regarding Josie’s story from the beginning and how in the end, she wrote about her experience as an undercover reporter posing as a high school student. Not to mention but the changes she underwent during her time as a nerd to becoming popular with the mean girls and how her prom speech and advice column changed everyone’s perspectives from biased to unbiased.

When Drew Barrymore’s character spoke about her advice column that she “lived a lifetime of regrets,” it means that she missed many opportunities to socialize because she focused on her school grades too often and she was very timid. At the beginning of the film, we see how much her so-called prom “date” treated her and how she carried that fear of going to prom again because of the egg toss encounter she endured years before. When she had a second chance to go back to high school and find herself in a position that she would have never imagined, she toughened up and eventually wound up popular with the mean girls. When she noticed how the mean girls were ready to toss dog food at her friend, she prevented it by knocking it out of their hands which came back down and ruined their prom costumes for the night. When she gave her speech, the entire room was silent where she gave advice in regards to how there’s so much more to life than living in a high school bubble where you will only be there for a short amount of time and you will change as a person when you grow older. The most important detail is how you should treat nerds with kindness because one day, they might end up as your boss who will ride your tail for life due to the treatment they received from you in high school. Never underestimate nerds because they are the shining light of bringing success into this world.

However, when she agreed to do this assignment, she wasn’t expecting to search for love at first sight. She was to report her experience as a high school student, publish what she learned from it and eventually, the plot twist occurred when her boss asked her to write a report in regards to how close is too close for a student and teacher to form a relationship from the ground up. When she explained her assignment in the prom speech, the teacher was heart-broken and walked outside for a fresh breath of air until he found out that she was writing a report on him which consisted them forming a student-teacher relationship. He walked off with disappointment and disgusted because he went through time and effort to send a recommendation letter to Dartmouth College. After he read Josie’s advice column where she spoke about her experience as well as apologizing and letting him know that she loved him, she proposed to sit at the pitcher’s mound for five minutes with a huge crowd of high school students and coworkers surrounding her in the bleachers until he shows up and she has her first kiss.

Little did she know how much of an influence she became to everyone at the high school and to her coworkers because she ensured to everyone that no matter how much she messed up, she was an undercover reporter who wanted a second chance to experience high school differently and to give everyone as well as herself a huge reality check before everything becomes a big mess that will have to be cleaned up from the floor up.

Her prom speech and advice column gives you a hint of who she was and how going back to high school for the second time changed her for the better. Regardless of how the situation became messy from the middle to the end, she stood her ground and was determined to get her story one or another. She stooped low but not as low as “journalists” are these days where they will slander anyone just to receive attention and blame someone else for their messy and poor reporting.


My Walker Stalker Convention Experience:

On Saturday, June 3, I attended my first Walker Stalker Convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

It was my 24th birthday and I met two of my favorite actors from The Walking Dead: Emily Kinney as Beth Greene and Scott Wilson as Hershel Greene. Despite misunderstandings about general admissions and where the lines were held due to the staff confusion and being rude to people time after time again, the line moved as quickly as it did and around 10:45, I made it in there where action figures were displayed and actors signed autographs.

The actors were very courteous and I enjoyed my time there although the prices are costly for autographs and selfies. But in the end, it was worth spending a day downtown Nashville meeting people I’d thought I would never meet in a million years. If you are a fan of The Walking Dead TV series, I highly encourage you to go and meet your favorite character actor. They are very welcoming and enjoy communicating with their fans.

My experience may have been a once in a lifetime opportunity but I am glad to step outside of my barriers and got to meet my favorite celebrities although I should have  asked a few questions about their past film careers because their acting has improved significantly overtime with experience and practice. Not to mention but ask them what advice would they give to youngsters who are interested in pursuing a career in acting.

Experience from Encountering an Angry Fan on the Internet:

When I was seventeen years old, I had an encounter from an angry fan on the internet whom happened to be an obsessed fan of this actor who played on The Walking Dead. It all began when I made a comment on one of the actor’s fan pages on Facebook and she, the angry fan, replied to my comment in a nice manner. We began talking and befriended each other a little while later. She seemed very nice but boy was I in for a one year-long ride with her irrational, bipolar and obsessed behavior.

She and I use to communicate via messenger on Facebook up until three-four in the morning about our favorite actor. Then a few months later, she began to block some of the pictures and posts about the actor for an unknown reason. I sent her an email and she would respond with a hateful tone, stating for example, “Your artwork stinks. Have a nice life!” Sure, it hurt me on the inside because I was communicating with someone who happens to like the same actor’s work. I apologized for no reason and profusely, asking her for forgiveness if I said anything to offend her, in which I didn’t. Now that I look back on it, I shouldn’t have apologized and let her go without responding. One year later, I sent her an email and she still responded with hate. But one month later, she apologized to me but I did not let it go and told her off. She was strange and it was time to relieve myself from someone who might suffer from what is to be known as “Celebrity Worship Syndrome.” Not only was she in love with the actor’s work, but him and his personal life. She was delusional along with a dangerous borderline personality disorder.

My first encounter with her did not work the first time round and it surely did not do so the second time round, either. She blocked me from viewing her YouTube videos and fan page in regards to one of the characters on The Walking Dead. It taught me a valuable lesson that you should be careful with who you associate online because they can be nice to you at first but then find out later that they are the opposite of what you experienced at first hand. If anyone else has experienced this sort of behavior online, you are not alone. Do not be afraid to stand up for yourself and drop communication with that person as quickly and with little pain as possible.

Two Hershel Greene Tribute Pages on Facebook Removed:

snippingtool   It has been over one month since two pages of a tribute to The Walking Dead’s character, Hershel Green was shut down on Facebook.

Even though the actor brought joy to the Walking Dead fans and continues to attend the Walker Stalker Conventions throughout the United States, his presence on the show is immensely missed. But the questions are, how and why did Facebook shut the pages down?

Facebook has been acting weird for the past few years and not because the layouts of each profile and page accounts have changed drastically but the company’s policies which are not specific and truthful as to why these pages would disappear out of thin air and not be shown for certain fan members whom admire the Walking Dead actors for their work.

If people are concerned about fan pages vanishing out of the blue, it’s time to do some undercover work and not give up until you can find a solution and bring the pages back to light.