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How To Create Your Own Facebook Photography Page:

Provide Details Name your photography page on social media. The shorter the name of your page is, the better reviews you will have. Write about your passion for photography and your goals for the photography page. List your subjects: For … Continue reading

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How to Write a Movie Review for your Blog:

Everyone has a different format of writing a movie review for their blogging platforms. Format, meaning different writing style techniques, use of eloquent terminology to flow with their movie match and their drawn conclusions about the film. Here is how … Continue reading

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Why Blog Instead of Using Other Social Media Sites?

We all have reasons as to why we chose blogging in today’s 24/7 social media world, but let’s take a closer look as to why blogging is a better alternative compared to other social media platforms: You want to develop … Continue reading

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Time Consumption for Bloggers & Reporters:

Bloggers and reporters undergo pressure to create fresh content for their target audiences. To understand the life of a blogger and reporter, understand that they set deadlines to ensure that their work is ready to upload after… Creating a noteworthy … Continue reading

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Bloggers vs Reporters:

Reporters and bloggers use social media to their advantages/ disadvantages but the main difference between these two are: Bloggers are citizen journalists meaning they have no background experience working in the media field. Reporters report breaking news and current events … Continue reading

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Main Tools to Recognize as a Blogger:

The main tools you should recognize as a blogger are: Creating your website and theme:┬áResearch and select the most popular blogging site, create an account and select your theme for the purpose of your work. Enhance writing & photography portfolio:┬áBlogging … Continue reading

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“Never Been Kissed”: Inspirational Movie for Journalists

“Never Been Kissed” is one of my favorite movies from the late 1990’s. Not necessarily because it was a movie I could relate to on a personal level but because it inspired me to major in journalism. From what I’ve … Continue reading

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