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The Destruction of Social Media:

The main goal for social media’s existence is for people to connect and communicate with family and friends who live in a far-off distance. However, many teens and adults misuse social media to rant and rave while another group of … Continue reading

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Worst Headline Examples from News Articles:

Headlines and stories are meant to flow well from paragraph to paragraph. However, online news and blogs have evolved immensely to which writers have lost their creativity to tell a story through fact checking, providing sources to the readers and … Continue reading

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Bloggers Have Many Projects:

Bloggers have many projects they would love to share with their audiences for purposes such as: To inspire those who share similar interests as them. To teach students how to write a blog post. Learn different writing formats (Creative, Journalism, … Continue reading

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How To Create Your Own Facebook Photography Page:

Provide Details Name your photography page on social media. The shorter the name of your page is, the better reviews you will have. Write about your passion for photography and your goals for the photography page. List your subjects: For … Continue reading

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How to Write a Movie Review for your Blog:

Everyone has a different format of writing a movie review for their blogging platforms. Format, meaning different writing style techniques, use of eloquent terminology to flow with their movie match and their drawn conclusions about the film. Here is how … Continue reading

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Why Blog Instead of Using Other Social Media Sites?

We all have reasons as to why we chose blogging in today’s 24/7 social media world, but let’s take a closer look as to why blogging is a better alternative compared to other social media platforms: You want to develop … Continue reading

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Time Consumption for Bloggers & Reporters:

Bloggers and reporters undergo pressure to create fresh content for their target audiences. To understand the life of a blogger and reporter, understand that they set deadlines to ensure that their work is ready to upload after… Creating a noteworthy … Continue reading

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