Is it Worth Attending College These Days?

Murphy Center

Students graduating high school and moving to college to seek higher degrees makes every parent proud of their hard work and determination.

However, college is not worth becoming excited about because you will meet many students who have been indoctrinated into a belief filled with false hope that they will receive a job with a unrealistic degree (Dance Theory) and around the time of graduation, it will be difficult to receive job offers from the Arts and Entertainment industry because they are competitive and have a faster way to fire you than hire you.

Not only have the students been brainwashed to major in something as nonsensical as Dance Theory, but they have a strong distaste for someone who doesn’t share the same views as them on political and religious standpoints. Agreeing to disagree in a civilized manner was tossed out the window and manners are lacking strongly in the youth today.

When students disagree with a business and their political views, they violently burn the place down instead of taking their business elsewhere (Antifa). Moreover, professors indicate that what they say and do are correct yet they have not experienced any work outside their academic arena.

It’s not necessarily worth attending a four-year university these days due to the amount of hysteria from the far left throwing temper tantrums and falsely accusing conservative speakers of violating their First Amendment rights. There’s a saying “You can say what you want but are not necessarily free from the consequences,” meaning that you must be very careful what you say in the workforce because it can lead to disciplinary action or immediate termination. A prime example of doing so would include protesters failing to show up for work. If they perform a no-call, no-show, two things would happen: 1) Verbal warning and added to their record or 2) Immediate termination.

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