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Underrated Character in The Green Mile: Dean Stanton

Barry Pepper’s character, Dean Stanton was underrated with very little screen time yet had an emotional impact in the film which captivated audience members to shed tears at John Coffey’s execution scene. Although not shown in the film, it has … Continue reading

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“Kill the Messenger” Review:

From phone conversations to classified documents leaked by Federal Prosecutor Russell Dodson and given to Coral Baca, Gary Webb received information pertaining to drug smugglers, their involvement with the CIA and the effect of cocaine usage on American citizens. Determined … Continue reading

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Why Blog Instead of Using Other Social Media Sites?

We all have reasons as to why we chose blogging in today’s 24/7 social media world, but let’s take a closer look as to why blogging is a better alternative compared to other social media platforms: You want to develop … Continue reading

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