Viewing Film From a Journalism Perspective:

At one point or another, we all watch movies that inspire us to do what our heart desires. For example, becoming a police officer, teacher or a local newspaper reporter. Even though what the movies cover under two hours seem to have an unrealistic tone to them, we can take what we learn from these films and apply it to the real world. How so? It’s the life lessons we take and ensure to everyone around us that we are honest, respectful and instill hardworking, ethical values which are lacking in today’s social media generation.

The top film which can be inspirational for journalists on here is:

never been kissed

Never Been Kissed –>As silly as the plot sounds, let’s take a look at this film from a journalism perspective. Here you have a shy copy editor who’s been assigned to report as an undercover high school student searching for stories that could make or break her career. As Josie Geller attended her job conferences and the pressure from her boss and supervisor became unbearable, she revealed herself at the prom where Sam Coulson discovered that she was writing a story about their teacher-student closeness which slowly developed into a romantic relationship. After the teacher recognized her true intentions, he stopped speaking to her and nearly moved away until he read her report which made the front page news in the Chicago Sun Times newspaper where she revealed her past, present and future self. In other words, going to high school doesn’t change you, but from your experiences and opportunities you gain in life will reflect who you are and who you will be for the time you have on earth.

  1. Her original assignment wasn’t meant for her to find a relationship but to experience how much high school has changed since she graduated 7 years before.
  2. The assignment was to find a breaking news story which could boost her career. For example, when the jocks were arrested for underage drinking at a rave.
  3. Being put under pressure from her boss and supervisor, she had to report back to them by attending daily conferences, usage of surveillance video cameras, tape recorders and put herself into a position she was uncomfortable with at most because the paper needed a good scoop for publication. The assignment she was given helped her see a bigger picture as well as giving the high school students a taste of their own medicine.
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