We Are All Narcissists: It Can Range from Mild to Severe

Although I am not a psychologist, it takes common sense to recognize that we all tend to have a case of narcissism at one point or another. We may not intend to be that way or not notice it right away but there are certain individuals who carry that narcissism luggage from mild to extremely severe which is often times, noticeable through experience.

For example, a family member who lives in denial 100% of the time, claiming that they did nothing wrong while blaming as well as verbally, mentally and physically abusing others for their own wrongdoings. This is an extreme severe case of classic narcissism at best. They are well-known to paint themselves as victims when confronted with reality.

As for moderate narcissism, these people are between arrogant and victim playing. In other words, when you compliment them, they respond with “I know” instead of using polite manners. When you give them constructive criticism, they do not take it well and claim that they could never do anything wrong without blaming someone else.

A mild case of narcissism is when we all have a habit of talking about ourselves every once in a blue moon and not mean to come across as self-absorbed. This mild case is not meant to tear anyone down. It’s about how often we talk about ourselves and our accomplishments in which we rub in other people’s faces.

In the end, we all have narcissism because it’s what helps us boost our self-image and first impression to those we surround ourselves with. Those with a severe case cannot be helped unless they seek it first and recognize how much harm they are conflicting upon those they love whereas those with moderate and mild narcissism can change at an instant rate but it takes one to admit the damage they are causing and seek for help.

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