Newspaper Club Removed at Wilson Central High School:

The newspaper club at Wilson Central High School in Lebanon, Tennessee was removed as an extracurricular activity.

Despite the yearbook staff staying as a part of journalism curriculum, the newspaper club has been dissolved at the high school for quite some time. Perhaps could one of the reasons be that the school does not have enough funds to keep the organization running? Or recent controversial topics created outrage among the students, school administrators and teachers? At the moment, the reason for its departure is unclear.

According to the Principal, he said that “There was no newspaper when he returned in 2015” although there was one when he left five years before. When asked if he planned to bring back the club in the future, he responded, “We have proposed it, but haven’t had much interest from students or the teachers.” With this response, we might as well assume that it may have been cut due to financial reasons and lack of interest from the students and teachers.

A former writer from Wilson Central High School’s Newspaper Committee said “Seeing as how much passion I had for The Roar, I feel that it should have stayed. It gave me something to look forward to everyday and each piece I wrote, gave me a sense of accomplishment. I feel with its removal, other students are being robbed of the same feeling and opportunity.”

A current student at Wilson Central High School was also interviewed in regards to what the school should have done with the newspaper club and with her response, she also believed that it should have stayed where it was. She said “I am a senior at Wilson Central High School. I didn’t even know it was removed. I liked having the newspaper staff at school. I actually wanted to be on the newspaper staff but chickened out. That was sophomore year so I guess that it was a good thing I didn’t join because we still didn’t even have it. I definitely think Wilson Central should have kept the newspaper. They look so cool and the kids put so much time into it.”

One of my coworkers who works on Student Council at the high school did briefly mention that they planned to bring “The Roar” back and students were interested in joining but to no avail, the proposal failed. It is uncertain at this point in time what they will do to bring back the newspaper club but it’s important that future high school students who look forward to enhancing their writing capabilities hope for the best and maybe the club will be brought back into the spotlight.

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