“Never Been Kissed”: Inspirational Movie for Journalists

“Never Been Kissed” is one of my favorite movies from the late 1990’s. Not necessarily because it was a movie I could relate to on a personal level but because it inspired me to major in journalism.

From what I’ve gathered while watching this film, here are some inspirational tips for future journalists to read:

  • Find your story–>Determine how you would approach it, do your research and begin the interviewing process
  • Differentiate your adult persona vs teen persona–>In other words, how much were you willing to listen and learn from the story you were assigned to as an adult and how would you react to this assigned coverage if you were a teenager all over again.
  • Become More Outgoing–> Get to meet others from different cliques before criticizing them (Find out what you have in common with them vs the group you are normally in). Secondly, join extracurricular activities you would have never imagined because you thought the people on the staff were stuck-up when in fact, they are dedicated and appreciative of their work through time and effort. Be humble about your accomplishments but do not let anyone take advantage of you just because you are kind and treat everyone with respect. It’s essential that you must recognize you’re not going to please everyone. Expect negative feedback; take it on with the chin.
  •  Write The Story & Find Out What You Have Learned Through Experience–> Through some stories you write about, you can learn about a great deal of things you thought you would never encounter in  reality nor in your wildest dreams, possible. Share it with the world and let them know that anything you experience outside your boundaries are possible and do not be afraid of change.

The one thing I wish the script writers would have added in Josie’s rant in the prom scene is her telling the bullies that not only are there much more activities outside of the high school world but that once you enter the real world, you could work for a boss whom you picked on because they were nerdy and they could ride your tail for life due to making their life miserable in high school. Treat others as to how you want to be treated.

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