Covering More Writing Projects Than Ever & Not Backing Down:

Since spring semester has ended, I have been covering more writing projects than I normally would in an instant. Recently, I finished one story writing about a college alumna who wrote two inspirational books, for the school Sidelines daily digital website and on top of that, I am covering a small investigative story in regards to an extracurricular activity being removed from a high school for an unknown reason.

For those who are looking for stories to cover, what you can do is start in your local town and work your way up. For example, what has changed since you left high school? Did the school add or remove clubs that made a huge impact on the school? What story could you cover that no one has been able to top at the moment, especially your local town newspapers?

Step two, gather information from the townspeople and find out the reasoning behind that certain motive and write your story later. Keep digging for dirt until you discover the truth, even if the motive is not as big of a deal as everybody thinks it is.

No matter how many projects, it is essential to not back down right away because there are plenty of media outlets who crave for stories on a daily basis, especially after they discover a story which was back down by someone who was spineless and didn’t care enough to do their research before realizing how much time and emphasis they have to put in the work before writing and publishing their story.

No matter how many projects I continue to grab, it is time to up my game and work tirelessly before graduating from college. Experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity to prove endlessly how passionate I am about earning a career in journalism.

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