Be Your Own Self: Do Not Rely on Family Connections for Job Opportunities

It’s not that some people prefer not bragging about a certain famous relative they have, it’s the fact that they only consider that person a “relative” they enjoy spending time with. My advice to us young people is that we should be our own selves without relying on family connections to gain job opportunities.  Here’s why:

  1. Even though you might have a steady relationship with your famous relative, they might think differently of you when applying for a position that they are in at the moment. And they could consider you to be worthless because you might have little to no talent and in the sense that you are beneath them on a political, social and economical scale.
  2. The “famous relative” would assume we are using them to get things for free. We shouldn’t play the “Don’t you know who my cousin is” card because it’s that sense of self entitlement that turns people off quickly, as well as your famous relative.
  3. Being your own self-will open doors but it’s essential to gain as much experience with little to no help as much as possible in order to go far in life. Think about your famous relative. How did they get to where they are today? They had to start off as a nobody and work their way up the ladder. It’s not easy but it takes hard work and dedication to become famous.

Don’t get me wrong: Connections are great but don’t use it as an excuse to squeeze your way into the workforce where you will have little to no knowledge about the company and what you will do there as an employee. Gain your own experiences by doing your research with no help from your famous relatives, write about it and go from there. If you do need help, you can ask for help from your famous relatives and they can offer you some advice which is better than a handout.

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