“The Last 100 Days of Diana” Review:

“The Last 100 Days of Diana” has been over for the last 42 minutes in Central Time, Tennessee and from what the show covered consisted bits and pieces of Diana’s childhood and early years of marriage to Prince Charles.

But the essential details from the ABC show revealed her relationships with men during and after the end of her marriage, as well as holiday trips with Dodi Fayed, controversial issues between a former model he was engaged to in 1997 and the surveillance video camera of them leaving the Ritz Hotel in Paris before the tragic car crash struck underneath the Pont de I’alma bridge.

It was interesting to hear what her former butlers and friends discussed in regards to how she kept the 1995 interview under wraps before it was televised and what they thought she should have done: either keep your dirty laundry aired for the whole world to view or keep your controversial issues private because it is not everyone’s business to know what you are enduring in your marriage.

The show’s ending was depressing but mind-boggling because it seemed as if she preferred staying at the hotel rather than leave late at night and shortly after the pictures were taken, the crash occurred and three lives were gone forever. Not to mention but she seemed rather tired of the holiday trips and was ready to head back home in London to see her children before they go back to school.

The show was sad but there are some life lessons we could learn from it: 1.) Never take your life for granted. Secondly, do anything to prevent yourself from getting involved in a situation which could end up controversial, no matter if it was nation or statewide. And when you search for love, don’t look for it first. Being desperate is not how you end up with a happily ever after story.  There are plenty of fish in the sea. The right time will arrive when you least expect it.

The late Diana, Princess of Wales was a phenomenal humanitarian who’s been greatly missed for twenty years. She was just as imperfect as we all are, but no matter what, she captured many hearts and will continue to do so for many more years to come.

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