3 Pages In Tribute to The Walking Dead Character Vanishes: Hershel Greene

It has been three months since I’ve blogged about two of the pages in regards to a tribute of Hershel Greene vanishing on Facebook. Months before writing about it, there were three Facebook pages celebrating the life of character, Hershel Greene from The Walking Dead.

Since then, three of those pages have been removed from Facebook and it is unclear as to why they were shut down on social media in the first place. Perhaps the page owners violated the copyright use of images that were not allowed to be shared unless granted permission? It’s strange how Facebook doesn’t keep one of those three pages up while taking the other two down. Maybe Facebook enjoys censoring characters who were represented as class acts? No one will ever know the truth behind the use of censoring freedom of speech which has been used by social media for quite some time now.

For fans who enjoyed Hershel Greene on The Walking Dead, what reasons can you state as to why Facebook shut these pages down? Copyright materials? Censoring Freedom of Speech?

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