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Newspaper Club Removed at Wilson Central High School:

The newspaper club at Wilson Central High School in Lebanon, Tennessee was removed as an extracurricular activity.

Despite the yearbook staff staying as a part of journalism curriculum, the newspaper club has been dissolved at the high school for quite some time. Perhaps could one of the reasons be that the school does not have enough funds to keep the organization running? Or recent controversial topics created outrage among the students, school administrators and teachers? At the moment, the reason for its departure is unclear.

According to the Principal, he said that “There was no newspaper when he returned in 2015” although there was one when he left five years before. When asked if he planned to bring back the club in the future, he responded, “We have proposed it, but haven’t had much interest from students or the teachers.” With this response, we might as well assume that it may have been cut due to financial reasons and lack of interest from the students and teachers.

A former writer from Wilson Central High School’s Newspaper Committee said “Seeing as how much passion I had for The Roar, I feel that it should have stayed. It gave me something to look forward to everyday and each piece I wrote, gave me a sense of accomplishment. I feel with its removal, other students are being robbed of the same feeling and opportunity.”

A current student at Wilson Central High School was also interviewed in regards to what the school should have done with the newspaper club and with her response, she also believed that it should have stayed where it was. She said “I am a senior at Wilson Central High School. I didn’t even know it was removed. I liked having the newspaper staff at school. I actually wanted to be on the newspaper staff but chickened out. That was sophomore year so I guess that it was a good thing I didn’t join because we still didn’t even have it. I definitely think Wilson Central should have kept the newspaper. They look so cool and the kids put so much time into it.”

One of my coworkers who works on Student Council at the high school did briefly mention that they planned to bring “The Roar” back and students were interested in joining but to no avail, the proposal failed. It is uncertain at this point in time what they will do to bring back the newspaper club but it’s important that future high school students who look forward to enhancing their writing capabilities hope for the best and maybe the club will be brought back into the spotlight.

“Never Been Kissed”: Inspirational Movie for Journalists

“Never Been Kissed” is one of my favorite movies from the late 1990’s. Not necessarily because it was a movie I could relate to on a personal level but because it inspired me to major in journalism.

From what I’ve gathered while watching this film, here are some inspirational tips for future journalists to read:

  • Find your story–>Determine how you would approach it, do your research and begin the interviewing process
  • Differentiate your adult persona vs teen persona–>In other words, how much were you willing to listen and learn from the story you were assigned to as an adult and how would you react to this assigned coverage if you were a teenager all over again.
  • Become More Outgoing–> Get to meet others from different cliques before criticizing them (Find out what you have in common with them vs the group you are normally in). Secondly, join extracurricular activities you would have never imagined because you thought the people on the staff were stuck-up when in fact, they are dedicated and appreciative of their work through time and effort. Be humble about your accomplishments but do not let anyone take advantage of you just because you are kind and treat everyone with respect. It’s essential that you must recognize you’re not going to please everyone. Expect negative feedback; take it on with the chin.
  •  Write The Story & Find Out What You Have Learned Through Experience–> Through some stories you write about, you can learn about a great deal of things you thought you would never encounter in  reality nor in your wildest dreams, possible. Share it with the world and let them know that anything you experience outside your boundaries are possible and do not be afraid of change.

The one thing I wish the script writers would have added in Josie’s rant in the prom scene is her telling the bullies that not only are there much more activities outside of the high school world but that once you enter the real world, you could work for a boss whom you picked on because they were nerdy and they could ride your tail for life due to making their life miserable in high school. Treat others as to how you want to be treated.

Covering More Writing Projects Than Ever & Not Backing Down:

Since spring semester has ended, I have been covering more writing projects than I normally would in an instant. Recently, I finished one story writing about a college alumna who wrote two inspirational books, for the school Sidelines daily digital website and on top of that, I am covering a small investigative story in regards to an extracurricular activity being removed from a high school for an unknown reason.

For those who are looking for stories to cover, what you can do is start in your local town and work your way up. For example, what has changed since you left high school? Did the school add or remove clubs that made a huge impact on the school? What story could you cover that no one has been able to top at the moment, especially your local town newspapers?

Step two, gather information from the townspeople and find out the reasoning behind that certain motive and write your story later. Keep digging for dirt until you discover the truth, even if the motive is not as big of a deal as everybody thinks it is.

No matter how many projects, it is essential to not back down right away because there are plenty of media outlets who crave for stories on a daily basis, especially after they discover a story which was back down by someone who was spineless and didn’t care enough to do their research before realizing how much time and emphasis they have to put in the work before writing and publishing their story.

No matter how many projects I continue to grab, it is time to up my game and work tirelessly before graduating from college. Experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity to prove endlessly how passionate I am about earning a career in journalism.

Be Your Own Self: Do Not Rely on Family Connections for Job Opportunities

It’s not that some people prefer not bragging about a certain famous relative they have, it’s the fact that they only consider that person a “relative” they enjoy spending time with. My advice to us young people is that we should be our own selves without relying on family connections to gain job opportunities.  Here’s why:

  1. Even though you might have a steady relationship with your famous relative, they might think differently of you when applying for a position that they are in at the moment. And they could consider you to be worthless because you might have little to no talent and in the sense that you are beneath them on a political, social and economical scale.
  2. The “famous relative” would assume we are using them to get things for free. We shouldn’t play the “Don’t you know who my cousin is” card because it’s that sense of self entitlement that turns people off quickly, as well as your famous relative.
  3. Being your own self-will open doors but it’s essential to gain as much experience with little to no help as much as possible in order to go far in life. Think about your famous relative. How did they get to where they are today? They had to start off as a nobody and work their way up the ladder. It’s not easy but it takes hard work and dedication to become famous.

Don’t get me wrong: Connections are great but don’t use it as an excuse to squeeze your way into the workforce where you will have little to no knowledge about the company and what you will do there as an employee. Gain your own experiences by doing your research with no help from your famous relatives, write about it and go from there. If you do need help, you can ask for help from your famous relatives and they can offer you some advice which is better than a handout.