Blogging While Staying Up Late:

As a night owl, it is essential for me to multi-task simple chores at once. In other words, do my homework while watching YouTube videos and constantly update my blog posts once more. The reason for doing this? So I can absorb my information before posting what I enjoy writing about and not have to think about it overnight while going to sleep and wake up at sunrise.

Blogging while staying up late at night is how and where I get my ideas from. As crazy as this sounds, it’s true. My brain wakes up at night and shuts off during the day time. Does anyone else go through this process? You wake up in the morning and realize that you can’t think clearly until it is nighttime in your room where you have peace and time to think for once? It sure is a tough habit to break, especially for writers and journalists because they are constantly on a tight deadline schedule while checking for grammatical and spelling errors. Not to mention, but editing their videos, photos and data with Adobe & Microsoft computer products.

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