Middle School Journalism Program:

When I went to middle school from 2006-2008, there wasn’t a journalism program to help students enhance their writing capabilities, report what was happening on a daily basis at the school, etc. It was only Language Arts that was considered a writing course for the students. Now a journalism curriculum has been implemented by the Wilson County Schools in Wilson County, Tennessee.

Since it has been nine years after graduating from middle school, here is my input on the journalism courses they provide for middle school students who look forward to reporting, writing and photographing stories which can enhance their writing, thinking and creative abilities later on down the road:

  • Writing and verbal communication areĀ necessities which can help you advance in your career meaning that you must get out of your shy comfort zone and learn how to communicate with people who differ from you in many ways. When you get a job in retail, it is essential to speak with customers and help solve their problems.
  • Joining the yearbook and newspaper extracurricular activities which existed when I went to middle school and it still does, helps you improve your journalistic writing style and expansion of your vocabulary words.
  • The Wildcat News which did not exist when I went to school, can help you improve your public speaking in broadcast journalism and although you will read from a teleprompter, learn at a younger age in order to prepare for the unknown expectations as a broadcast journalist after graduating from college.
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