Angry Fan Has Celebrity Worship Syndrome:

In a previous blog post, I summed up some points regarding my encounter with an angry fan online and how obsessed she is with the actor and his personal life. From my experience, she definitely has the “celebrity worship syndrome” which is when people are overly in love with their favorite celebrities. Down below is a list of what I endured during the time I communicated with this “angry, love struck fan.”

  • Over the course of four months, she changed her persona from nice and friendly to spiteful and bipolar out of the blue.
  • She became angry as time marched on and didn’t show true self until later because she is miserable with her own life.
  • She was highly jealous because the actor’s wife seems to be prettier, more humble while living the good life whereas the angry fan doesn’t have neither of those characteristics. She is obsessed with the actor’s looks, personality, private and public life.
  • She became defensive if you forbid to say something positive about the actor’s wife for an unknown reason. She said to me in an email before going off on her that she wants me to join her and go on a “hate campaign” against the actor’s wife. Sounds as if this angry fan has psychotic behavior. I refused and told her how she behaved towards me was unacceptable and I will no longer tolerate it. I sent the email to her in the nastiest way possible because she became rude first and I stooped to her level to show her that she is not going to mind trick me into thinking that I will be naive and fall for her shenanigans again.

This lasted from December 2010 to March 2012 and thankfully, I learned something after communicating with a stranger on Facebook whose behavior spiraled out of her own control. My message to those who go through the same thing: be careful who you are communicating with. If you have questions, do your research on the person (not to be a stalker) and think before communicating with them any further.

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