Another Mediocre Actress Complaining About Women Who Voted for Trump:

This time, another mediocre actress complains about  “women” who are college educated and voted for President Donald Trump. The reason for her complaint exactly is? Nothing other than telling us average women that we should look the other way and play the victim womanhood card because we are women and Trump hates all women which is not true at all.

As an actress, she does have the right to an opinion but needs to quit dictating how women should vote Democrat because it “supposedly helps us women grow stronger.” To be honest, it doesn’t. Look at the rioting and marching on Washington where crybaby, entitled feminists wear pink kitty cat hats just to send a message to everyone in the world that all women are victims and men are evil. Do they not realize that there are women who are just as vindictive, malicious and attempt to destroy a man’s life with an evil intention to gain sympathy? This actress lives in fantasy land where reality is hitting her in the gut but doesn’t admit it because she follows the Hollywood crowd where everyone should agree with you. If you don’t agree, you will be thrown into a shark tank as food bait.

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