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My 600 lb Life: The Most Disgraceful Person To Appear on the Show

After watching “My 600 lb Life” where two brothers move to Texas, go on a strict diet provided by Doctor Nowzaradan and lose a certain amount of weight in order to be approved for weight loss surgery, the most disliked person to appear on-screen was Steven.

If you haven’t watched this particular episode yet, watch it while you can. This “guy” treats the hospital staff in the worst way possible. He is an ungrateful, spoiled rotten 30-something year old man-child with an IQ below zero because he calls the police on his family and hospital staff when he does not get his way. In other words, when his dad refuses to buy pizza for him, he calls the police. When the nurse took away the television which they let him borrow, he calls the police and claims that it was his property. He’s addicted to drugs and manipulates everyone until he gets what he wants.

This “guy” is the most disgraceful person to appear on the show because he is not concerned about his health. He pulls the victim card in order to get prescription drugs from the hospital. It’s sad but quite despicable to watch his videos where he degrades tax payers whom happen to pay for his medical supplies.

Blogging While Staying Up Late:

As a night owl, it is essential for me to multi-task simple chores at once. In other words, do my homework while watching YouTube videos and constantly update my blog posts once more. The reason for doing this? So I can absorb my information before posting what I enjoy writing about and not have to think about it overnight while going to sleep and wake up at sunrise.

Blogging while staying up late at night is how and where I get my ideas from. As crazy as this sounds, it’s true. My brain wakes up at night and shuts off during the day time. Does anyone else go through this process? You wake up in the morning and realize that you can’t think clearly until it is nighttime in your room where you have peace and time to think for once? It sure is a tough habit to break, especially for writers and journalists because they are constantly on a tight deadline schedule while checking for grammatical and spelling errors. Not to mention, but editing their videos, photos and data with Adobe & Microsoft computer products.

What Story Can I Write About Now?

As a blogger, it is difficult to write an interesting story to share with the world because there are too many people sharing the same experience one after another and sometime later, the repetitive stories become dull.

The questions for my audience on here are: what story can I write now? How can it bring attention to other bloggers on WordPress? I already have two stories lined up on my draft section which will be saved and published within the next two months.

Matthew Morrison Concert Review:

On April 7th, I attended a Matthew Morrison concert at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in downtown Nashville.

The concert overall was fantastic and the audience was huge. The actor/singer did a phenomenal job and so did his piano buddy from Glee, Brad. Not to mention but adult and high school band groups. Of course, some rules are enforced such as not taking videos and avoid taking pictures with a flash camera. It was one of the greatest events I have attended thus far and look forward to another event which will be held in June of this year.

For anyone who doubts his ability to sing and dance at the same time, at least do attend one of his concerts and you will be surprised how great of a performer he is.

Middle School Journalism Program:

When I went to middle school from 2006-2008, there wasn’t a journalism program to help students enhance their writing capabilities, report what was happening on a daily basis at the school, etc. It was only Language Arts that was considered a writing course for the students. Now a journalism curriculum has been implemented by the Wilson County Schools in Wilson County, Tennessee.

Since it has been nine years after graduating from middle school, here is my input on the journalism courses they provide for middle school students who look forward to reporting, writing and photographing stories which can enhance their writing, thinking and creative abilities later on down the road:

  • Writing and verbal communication are necessities which can help you advance in your career meaning that you must get out of your shy comfort zone and learn how to communicate with people who differ from you in many ways. When you get a job in retail, it is essential to speak with customers and help solve their problems.
  • Joining the yearbook and newspaper extracurricular activities which existed when I went to middle school and it still does, helps you improve your journalistic writing style and expansion of your vocabulary words.
  • The Wildcat News which did not exist when I went to school, can help you improve your public speaking in broadcast journalism and although you will read from a teleprompter, learn at a younger age in order to prepare for the unknown expectations as a broadcast journalist after graduating from college.