Censorship on College Confession Pages:

Of course censorship has been happening for many years, but it has gotten worse ever since the creation of social media where people share their opinions and thoughts on certain topics they neither agree nor disagree with. They argue for hours on end until a special snowflake finds both civilized arguments offensive and removes the comment from both parties without a peep.

These college confession pages are not that great anyways, even if you choose to post anonymously because what you post stays on the Internet regardless if Facebook deleted it or not. The reason for bringing this topic to light on my blog is because not only are students enduring censorship on college campuses but it is happening online too.

We need to stop these anti-freedom of speech movements before it gets way out of hand. We need to stop these professors from indoctrinating students into thinking that being a globalist is a good thing. We need to stand up for our rights as American citizens and unite as a whole, not divide each other into different categories. Freedom of Speech is important in this country and no matter how hurtful the truth is, it shall set us free.

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