The Fake News Media Outlets: How to Identify Them

The Fake News Media Outlets continue to pour out their feelings and refuse to report the truth as time continues to fly on a whim. From CNN to MSNBC and onward, the “journalists” spill out what they deem to be factual until someone calls them out on their false information. Not only do major news media networks report false reports but so do blogs, social media and other media platforms. Here is how you can identify them:

  1. Read word for word until you notice how and what they wrote the article for, is their own political agenda. In other words, it can take at least one to two paragraphs or sentences to realize that the media outlets make it all political.
  2. They use specific terms to describe their feelings and avoid the facts at all costs. For example, “triggered” or “feel.” The last example for point two is “privilege.”
  3. Check out the media outlets history the so-called “reporters” work for and look at their previous work to see if they are as qualified as they think they are. Are they reporters who report the facts unless writing an opinion piece? Are the reporters just as biased as the other news networks?
  4. Improper usage of commas. For example, I was reading an article this morning from Yahoo and in one sentence there were five commas used just to make a “political statement” about SNL’s actress mocking Ivanka Trump.
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