Experience from Encountering an Angry Fan on the Internet:

When I was seventeen years old, I had an encounter from an angry fan on the internet whom happened to be an obsessed fan of this actor who played on The Walking Dead. It all began when I made a comment on one of the actor’s fan pages on Facebook and she, the angry fan, replied to my comment in a nice manner. We began talking and befriended each other a little while later. She seemed very nice but boy was I in for a one year-long ride with her irrational, bipolar and obsessed behavior.

She and I use to communicate via messenger on Facebook up until three-four in the morning about our favorite actor. Then a few months later, she began to block some of the pictures and posts about the actor for an unknown reason. I sent her an email and she would respond with a hateful tone, stating for example, “Your artwork stinks. Have a nice life!” Sure, it hurt me on the inside because I was communicating with someone who happens to like the same actor’s work. I apologized for no reason and profusely, asking her for forgiveness if I said anything to offend her, in which I didn’t. Now that I look back on it, I shouldn’t have apologized and let her go without responding. One year later, I sent her an email and she still responded with hate. But one month later, she apologized to me but I did not let it go and told her off. She was strange and it was time to relieve myself from someone who might suffer from what is to be known as “Celebrity Worship Syndrome.” Not only was she in love with the actor’s work, but him and his personal life. She was delusional along with a dangerous borderline personality disorder.

My first encounter with her did not work the first time round and it surely did not do so the second time round, either. She blocked me from viewing her YouTube videos and fan page in regards to one of the characters on The Walking Dead. It taught me a valuable lesson that you should be careful with who you associate online because they can be nice to you at first but then find out later that they are the opposite of what you experienced at first hand. If anyone else has experienced this sort of behavior online, you are not alone. Do not be afraid to stand up for yourself and drop communication with that person as quickly and with little pain as possible.

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