Politics & Academy Awards Do Not Mix Together:

Last night, the 89th Academy Awards was hosted by Jimmy Kimmel which was held in Los Angeles, California.

Of course, the actors and actresses celebrated their prizes by showing on national television how much of an extreme ego they have when releasing their statements and hatred towards our President. Not only expressing how they despise President Trump, but his daughter, Ivanka. If only you talk down to them from an average citizen perspective, they will be enraged in a heartbeat.

Haven’t they heard the expression, “Work and Office Politics do not mix like oil and water?” Apparently not. The only way to keep these irrelevant imbeciles relevant is by reporting what they think they know about this country and how it should run (into the ground).You would think that nobody cares about their opinions because their professions have nothing to do with politics, but every time they open their mouth wide, they insert and swallow their foot whole.

Message for Hollywood Folks: Take a hint and realize that nobody cares what and how you feel about our new president. Us average folks had to suffer for eight years of political correctness and social justice warriors destroying our right to speak freely in this country. We are a constitutional republic, not a democracy. Instead of hiding behind your extravagant mansions with huge walls filled with security cameras, maybe you should stop living in fantasy land and deal with reality on a day-to-day basis which shall require all of you ungrateful dim wits to step outside of your home and work in a real environment where real problems occur. If you can’t do that for at least one day or week, that speaks volumes about your true character. Stop destroying this nation and leave your political views at home. If you can’t do that, kiss your career goodbye and leave the country as soon as possible.

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