Two Hershel Greene Tribute Pages on Facebook Removed:

snippingtool   It has been over one month since two pages of a tribute to The Walking Dead’s character, Hershel Green was shut down on Facebook.

Even though the actor brought joy to the Walking Dead fans and continues to attend the Walker Stalker Conventions throughout the United States, his presence on the show is immensely missed. But the questions are, how and why did Facebook shut the pages down?

Facebook has been acting weird for the past few years and not because the layouts of each profile and page accounts have changed drastically but the company’s policies which are not specific and truthful as to why these pages would disappear out of thin air and not be shown for certain fan members whom admire the Walking Dead actors for their work.

If people are concerned about fan pages vanishing out of the blue, it’s time to do some undercover work and not give up until you can find a solution and bring the pages back to light.

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