Social Media Group Scammer:

Last Monday on Facebook, a person from one of the Christian groups sent me a message asking if I can love him because if I do, he will be blessed by God. My response to him at first was “God Bless You” because I didn’t read his message thoroughly until after he responded with “But I love you.” He’s acting, nonetheless, suspicious but I am continuing to ask him questions until he reaches a certain point where it is obvious that he shows his true colors but to no avail he hasn’t responded after asking him to clarify what he meant.

From what I’ve learned in my religion is to love everyone as a human being but be careful who you associate with because they can pretend to be someone they really aren’t. In other words, they claim to love God but will do anything in their power to make sure they take advantage of you to the fullest extent. Think about the group you are joining on social media because that specific group you are willing to communicate with can be filled with tons of scammers and thieves. They will guilt trip you if you refuse to partake in their schemes.

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