Hollywood Celebrities Back Again With Lame Political Statements:

Hollywood celebrities are back again with their lame, biased and uneducated political statements. Since President Trump’s inauguration last month, the irrelevant snowflakes continue to cry and wipe away their tears with a baby blanket while wearing baby bonnets and sucking on pacifiers because they cannot handle the truth regarding our President doing his job to protect our citizens in this great nation.

Over in the land of bubbles filled with delusional princes and princesses, the narcissistic Hollywood crowd continues to speak with such filth while living behind a million dollar mansion with security gates and security guards. The way these dim wits express their “feelings,” shows how they prefer to ignore the truth about this country’s problems. They “feel” oppressed because we do not live under a totalitarian state where the government controls what we should or should not say because it might hurt one’s feelings. These loons should realize how blessed they have been to live in a mansion while pretending to be something or someone they aren’t. If they aren’t blessed and continue to travel down the path of being ungrateful about our country’s policies, here are the best recommendations they should consider doing so immediately:

  1. Take the citizenship test in another country and leave as soon as possible. You don’t belong here if you hate our country so much. Pack your bags and kiss your career “Goodbye” for Pete’s sake!
  2. Take whatever money you have leftover and donate it to someone who deserves it more than you.
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