Perspective on Film: In Cold Blood (1996)

Unlike the original film, this was a film which turned into a TV mini-series in 1996. With or without commercials, the mini-series would be over three hours long. Within the first part of the series, you will see what the Clutter family does before and during the time the killers break inside the home, searching for money. Meanwhile, you will also see Dick and Perry travel from Kansas City to Holcomb and break into the home. After Dick calls Nancy, the first part of the series ends and the second one begins where it will show everything else that happened and lastly, Perry and Dick going to “The Corner.”

There were a few things that were good about the series, but overall, it should have not been remade. The few things that were good are: 1) You see Nancy and Bobby spend plenty of time together and 2) but you see the tension between her and her father regarding their religious beliefs (Methodist) vs Bobby’s religious beliefs (Catholic) which was not shown in the 1967 film.

What this movie lacked was the actors and actresses not pouring their hearts and souls into their characters. In other words, they decided to play them without doing enough research and go from there. The acting was poorly executed and the series butchered the story without repercussion. In a previous post, the series was described as being “too fast paced.” What this means is that the actors and actresses spoke at a very fast rate and the acting didn’t have a realistic tone to it. The atmosphere in the series didn’t have a terrifying atmosphere unlike the 1967 film which was black and white for two hours and 14 minutes. This show switched from color to black and white in a matter minutes and hours.

To conclude this review, those who are interested in watching “In Cold Blood,” watch the first film before the series. It will make you transfix in a heartbeat.

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