Media Hopping On The “Crybaby” Train:

The more the news media outlets continue to hop onto the “crybaby” train, the quicker they show their true colors.

The headlines in the articles from the NY Times to Huffington Post to CNN and other intolerant media outlets continue to slander, riot and abuse their privileges and rights as journalists. It’s a shameful act they are committing by telling others what to think and how to think. If you don’t agree with their political views, they will do everything in their power to shut you down and shut you out. Claiming to be “tolerant” when they are the opposite is similar to a kid comparing themselves as an adult on a maturity level. In other words, don’t say you preach tolerance when you continue to show everybody that you carry intolerance and hatred in your heart.

Here is what the media can and should do for future references:

  1. Stop posting the lamest, most biased and insulting headlines if you are looking for an “audience.” Be honest about what is happening nationwide at the moment and leave your comments aside.
  2. Quit complaining when President Donald Trump calls you out on your false reports and attempting to insult him a split second before a riot breaks out at a University campus. Instead, learn from your mistakes, suck it up and report the facts. Accept that he is our President now and hope for the best. Understand that what he is doing for this country is to make sure we are well secured and protected from those who want to harm our beautiful nation. Quit hopping on the “crybaby” train when someone calls you out on your biased agenda and recognize that you are doing more harm than any good if you stick to one side of the political spectrum. Jump onto the “reality” train where the truth shall set you free.
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