Narcissistic Radical “Women” Celebrities:

While watching videos of the narcissistic “women celebrities” ranting and raving about being women who need special privileges and wearing pink kitty cat hats at the same time, why should us average “women” look up to them as role models? They don’t have the qualities nor the qualification to be role models to young women.

For example, the actress who portrayed as the main character from Girl Meets World. She is not representing girls and young women. She has been brainwashed to the point that no one can and will take her serious because she is focusing on issues that do not pertain to her. In other words, she continues to politicize and police anyone who doesn’t agree with her views regarding women’s rights. Doesn’t she realize how lucky we women are to wake up every day and go to work? Or, the right to vote in the primary elections? Not to mention, but the opportunities we have in this country? Apparently not! These radicalized “women”have been over the top with their actions and should have received punishment for protesting in a violent, malicious manner. And let’s not forget, the actress who read a “Nasty Woman” poem written by some naive teenager who has not experienced the real world yet. These “women” are vulgar and have no business in the entertainment industry.

If these “women” want equal rights, they must earn it, not demand it by screaming and verbally assaulting those who disagree with them. Lastly, the radicalized “celebrities” who complain about not being paid the same as men but still receive millions of dollars from their movies should have their paychecks cut so that they can endure some tough times that average citizens have to suffer on a daily basis.

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