Meanwhile: The Latest Media & Celebrity Outrages in the USA

It is the end of January 2017 and the media continues to go on a rampage against President Donald Trump’s policies regarding immigration issues and his comment about the news media outlets releasing fake news to the public.

Celebrities speak out day after day against Mr.Trump, calling him all sorts of names in the book. The radical “women’s” marched last week, wearing pink kitty cat hats, protesting and declaring that Trump should not be “our” president because he is sexist and a misogynist while they claim to fame they are oppressed. But here we are in a Western country where everybody is allowed to freely express themselves and yet, they still don’t seem to grasp the idea into their thick skulls that we must be able to accept and disagree with people in a civilized manner; not tear them down and rip each other to shreds just because we don’t agree with their political ideology.

The last thing we want to hear from in this “advanced technological” world are the so-called know-it-all celebrities who know nothing about real world experiences. They pretend to care about average American citizens, but they don’t. They mainly care about money while living behind a secured, fancy house in a make-believe world. And not to mention, the “fake news” people are the ones we would last resort to when all else fails.

Here’s a solution for the latest media outrage in the USA:

  1. Do your job as a reporter and report the facts. Avoid your “emotions” at all cost.
  2. Think with logic. Leave out your opinions unless you are writing an opinion piece.
  3. Stop being biased! Look at both sides of a situation and write your story with fairness and balance.

And here’s a solution to the Hollywood “Infamous” Narcissistic Crowd with no experience in politics:

  • When you win an award at the Global or Academy Awards, be thankful you won and move on. Stay away from politics because you do not know how this country functions on a daily basis. You sit behind your mansion and think you know what you are talking about, but coming from a “peasant,” you don’t know squat! And that’s a fact!
  • The more you continue to play the “I am a victim” card but still make millions of dollars pretending to be someone you are not, it is time that we cut your pay entirely and boycott every movie you have been in. The less we go to the movies, the more it will hit you in your pocketbook, which you all deserve for the way you disrespect our beautiful nation.
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