Perspective of Older vs Younger Generations:

Each generation is different. They have their positive and negative aspects as far as morality, behavior and problems go. But what makes this topic interesting is how the older generations view the millennial generation as spineless and lazy while the millennial views the elderly group as rude and condescending.

Every culture has different perceptions regarding the younger generation taking care of their elders. In America, some families stay true to their roots and take care of them with love and gentleness whereas some family members become greedy and toss them into a nursing home, expecting to receive some financial gain.

The problem some of the older generations have with the millennial generation is that they are demanding respect without earning it. They expect “respect” by hand and foot. In other words, not working for it. They need to understand that respect is a two-way street. You have to earn it by showing respect first, not the other way around. Not only do they have issues with them disrespecting everybody else and expecting respect immediately, but disrespecting this beautiful nation with hateful comments and being ungrateful for the opportunities they would be struggling to receive in other countries.

On the other hand, the issues some of the millennial generation have with the older generation is that they are “too slow” to work for a company and should retire because of their age (Age Discrimination). Not to mention, but disagreeing in an uncivilized manner regarding their behavior and actions in public (protesting). They think rebelling against their elders will send a positive message to the younger generations.

All of these aspects from both sides are what is wrong with today’s world. Lack of respect from both sides and less pointing out the positive sides of being a millennial/elder. You can’t change your way of thinking unless you hear both sides and figure out how to balance out what they say is right/wrong and go from there. Respect both sides equally and disagree with their generations in a civilized manner.

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