Yearbook Staff Paperwork:

It has been six years since I was on the yearbook staff in high school and while it was a short ride, I have kept some paperwork to help enhance my writing style and photography skills for the future. Fast forward to 2017 and while I take a look at the paperwork and my yearbook staff work sometimes, it definitely helped me out quite a bit with both of these skills, as well as preparing me how to interview people and what journalism is all about.

The paperwork I was given while in high school consisted of how Online Design for Walsworth Co. works and terms that are used and misused commonly. For example, “accept” and “except.” The difference between them is that “accept” is meant as a way of gladly receiving a gift, whereas, “except” is something you are glad to be receiving something, “but” are refusing the gift because you don’t feel like you deserve the gift in the first place. In other words, you accept the gift, except you are refusing it because did your work out of kindness. That type of paper was given to the students so it would help strengthen our writing abilities.

Pictures of what was mentioned in this post has been updated to another post!

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