In Cold Blood (1967) vs In Cold Blood (1996): Part 1

What’s different about these two movies? How are they similar? For starters, the films are about one story which shocked the nation in mid-November, 1959. Another similarity to these films is that they were filmed towards the end of the 20th century, only 29 years apart from each other. But how different can they be from one another? It was different in many ways, from physical and emotional features of the characters to the story itself.

In Cold Blood (1967):

  • Story took time to build itself
  • Went by the book
  • Black and White from start to finish 
  • Had a realistic tone to it (dark atmosphere)
  • Actors and Actresses put much time and effort into their characters
  • Stayed as one long film
  • Filmed at actual location where the murder took place & felt realistic

While In Cold Blood (1996):

  • Too fast-paced
  • Didn’t go by the book
  • Transitioned back and forth from color to black and white
  • Didn’t have any tone to it
  • Actors and Actresses didn’t put forth the effort into their characters
  • Split into two parts on TV
  • Filmed at different locations which didn’t make it realistic
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