Shiloh Season 1999 Movie-Topics Discussed:

A sequel of the first film, Shiloh Season is just as adventurous and family friendly although the subject of drinking becomes serious as Judd Travers continuously purchases alcohol and drives while gulping down beer. Not only does drinking, itself, become a topic of discussion in this film, but it shows what the consequences of drinking and driving can lead to: A truck accident which caused Judd to have a broken neck, arm and leg. This topic is mainly discussed with teens because as kids grow older and become more independent, they will sneak into the liquor cabinet without their parents consent and will continue to do so until they receive consequences which can be slight to severe.

Similar to Shiloh, this film also shows that the main protagonist, Marty Preston, is responsible for his actions while Judd, the antagonist, continues to stay in denial and remains a drunk until he gets in a truck accident. For instance, Judd hunting squirrels out of season while drinking and holding a shotgun. Marty yelled at Judd to stop shooting the squirrels and ducked down in order to avoid getting shot at by Judd. After he walks into his house, he and his friend, David Howard, run away and recognize that his behavior is way out of control. After Marty speaks to Doc Wallace about Judd’s behavior, Doc gave him a test to see if he can pass it. Marty went to Judd afterwards and told him that he and David were spying on him and Judd asked why didn’t they respond to him. Marty replied that they were scared because he had a weapon in his hand while under the influence of alcohol. Judd didn’t believe it and that right there, shows how less of an adult he is (responsible vs irresponsible behavior from children and adults).

The most important topic from all three of the films is that being kind to someone can go a long way. Sure it takes time and patience to speak with the person who was never taught how to be a compassionate and responsible human being, but giving them the space and respect will guide them along the way.

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