Saving Shiloh 2006 Movie-Topics Discussed:

The last sequel of Shiloh which was released nine years after the first film, was just as fantastic and thrilling as the first two movies. In this movie, though, Judd is much nicer but still has a mean streak to him. For instance, when the dog bit him on the leg after stepping on his dog’s paw. He took his pain and anger out on Marty, but apologized to him afterwards. It shows how much Scott Wilson’s character changed from a mean, abusive owner at the beginning and turning into a pleasant human being with a heart that was never given to him as a child. His personality didn’t change overnight, but it changed within its own time which allowed him, Marty and Shiloh to communicate effectively and efficiently.

At the beginning of this last sequel, everyone in the community had doubts about Judd due to his previous behavior and drinking habits. The issue arises after Marty communicates with the bartender who saw Judd and a man named Nate fight over something that was never mentioned in the film. Eventually, Nate went missing and was killed by two robbers who escaped prison. Judd was blamed for Nate’s murder by everyone but when he saved Shiloh and Marty in the river and the two robbers were arrested, everyone changed their tune and began to respect him. He was labeled as a “hero” to them and he eventually got a job with the Fire & Rescue Squad.

The lesson to learn from these films is that you cannot judge someone until you know all of the facts about them. They are innocent until proven guilty.

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