Shiloh 1996 Movie-Topics Discussed:

From my early childhood memories, I remember watching with my siblings and cousin a movie called “Shiloh,” which is about an abused beagle running away from his abusive owner and moving in with the Preston family. The title of the film, alone, says it all regarding the relationship between the dog, the Preston’s, Mr. and Mrs. Doc Wallace vs Judd Travers. In this post, I will cover the overall topics surrounding the entire film.

Besides “Shiloh” being a kid-friendly movie, it also has some aspects in the film which kids will learn about as they transition from a kid to a teen. For instance, Judd Travers’ drinking habits and his abusive nature. And in the three films, how his life affected him from childhood to adulthood and what it takes to change a man like him.

As for the second topic, it dives into who is mainly responsible and knows how to care for a dog without being inhumane to him or her unlike the antagonist who happens to belong in the irresponsible category. Other than drinking and shooting animals out of season, whatever Judd does and says, he deems his irrational behavior acceptable. He has three other dogs too and seems to neglect them by chaining them to a fence and only lets them loose when he goes hunting for his meal.

And lastly, there is one major trust issue in the film as well. For example, when Judd promised Marty to keep his mouth shut and he will be allowed to own Shiloh. However, after Marty finished his job at Judd’s, Judd refused to keep his side of the bargain and arrived at the Preston’s house a few days later to pick up Shiloh. Marty prevented Judd from grabbing Shiloh and therefore, Judd pushed him down. After Ray comes to Marty’s defense, Judd picked up Shiloh and put him in the truck, drove down the road and realized that he does belong to the Preston’s after all.


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