Experience with MagCloud:

For nearly three years, I have been using MagCloud to build small photography projects. This time, I created a photo card and my next project is the 2016 pet calendar which won’t be due until January 7th. There are many things one can learn from building and creating their own projects on this website and they are:

  1. Take the tools you are given and build from there. You may not have all of the Adobe products, but at least you can use Acrobat and Microsoft Word to turn a photo card into something unique. 
  2. You can take what you have learned and grow from it. In other words, you learn how to adjust to the layouts from what you download and turn the project into something you can be proud of. 
  3. You are your own editor-in-chief. You make the decisions regarding how you select your project themes, when the assignments are due and when you are ready for the project to be published. To put it bluntly, you are your own boss. 
  4. MagCloud is not just about creating photo books. There are many things you can create which can lead to opened doors for you. For example, you can create flyers for a business, Christmas photo cards for you and your family members and newsletters. 
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