“Pregnancy Pact” Movie: Blogger vs Media Outlets

Thora Birch’s character, Sidney Bloom, reads up on the Internet about her former high school making headlines regarding the teen pregnancy percentage increasing at a high rate. She drives back to Gloucester to determine why girls becoming pregnant have skyrocketed. After walking back into the school for the first time in a long time, she meets a teenage mom who drops her baby off at the daycare as well as meeting one group of friends who are all expecting.

As a blogger and a former alumna, it is her duty to report the inside scoop and behind the scenes as to what these teenage girls are thinking, why and how they think a baby will make them close and intimate to the father. Eventually, after Sidney begins blogging, the whole media outlets go berserk and crave for a controversial story which made headlines state and nationwide.

Within this Lifetime movie, the audience can see how much information Sidney receives from the girls vs the media who are shouting, ranting and raving for a news story of the day but to no avail, cannot determine if there was a pregnancy pact from the start. Despite being a blogger, the girls ask Sidney if she can keep their promise regarding that there was a pact and she did.

The way Sidney reacted to the story at first was shocking but near the end, you can see how she changed tune. In other words, she handled the story in a much, respectful manner unlike Time Magazine and Gloucester’s local news media outlets who tracked down the girls without their parents’ consent and began taking pictures instantly.

Even though Sidney had the inside scoop of what is happening with these girls, she can relate to them on a personal level and had the courtesy to not report who planned the pact whereas the media would demand every question to be answered.

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